Do your work, stay on track with month-end review progress tracking

In 2020, we’ve seen accountants like you come up with novel ways to efficiently manage your clients and teams  and have been inspired by your dexterity. At Intuit®, we’re always looking for ways to make your work more efficient, whether you’re in the boardroom or sharing office space with your Pug.

Last month, we released month-end review, a new workflow for closing your client’s books that helps you identify and resolve common bookkeeping issues. This month, we added progress tracking to month-end review and redesigned the client list so you can see your progress for all your clients in one place.

Where can I find it?

Progress tracking expands the functionality of your existing client list, the page you see when you sign in to QuickBooks® Online Accountant. You can now select from two tabs: overview and bookkeeping. Under overview, you’ll see the same essential client information as before. To check your monthly books progress, select bookkeeping.

How do I use it?

Manage your work

The bookkeeping tab allows you to quickly track your progress across multiple clients.

If you’re a firm admin, you’ll see all the clients for your firm. To see just your clients, select the filter icon and then select your name from the drop-down.

View your bookkeeping progress

Bookkeeping view shows you how you’re doing on your month-end reviews. If you haven’t started yet, you’ll have the option to begin the process for the most recent month. When you have books in progress, an icon will show your status for each step of the month-end review process: transaction review, account reconciliation, and final review. The icons automatically update when you update your progress within month-end review.

Select the status icons to get the details for a client’s current month-end review. This window gives you a granular view of progress at each step without the need to log into the client’s books. You can check the status of specific tasks for each step of the process, including uncategorized transactions, bank account reconciliation, and any custom tasks you added to your checklists.

Review a client’s books

After you review your progress, select View details to go to the specific month-end review tasks in your client’s QuickBooks. You can now track your progress as you fix outstanding issues, complete reconciliation, and review key reports. When you return to the client list, you’ll see the updated status for month-end review.

Review your team’s progress

Progress tracking gives you a more efficient way to stay on top of the work your whole team is doing. You can use the assigned leads filter to review the progress of each bookkeeper. Get more info.

Select the filter icon, and then select a team member. Switch to the bookkeeping tab to check the status of the month-end review process for each client.

Now, you can get quick status updates without having to sign into each client’s books. This saves time and helps you have smoother, more productive check-ins with your team.

Try it out

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