Practice Management in QuickBooks Online Accountant: The Journey and the Future

As we continue to invest in, and enhance, Practice Management for all our QuickBooks® Online Accountant (QBOA) customers, we’d like to pause to reflect on what amazing partners you have been throughout this journey. Your curiosity, passion and unwavering desire to improve the product enabled us to rapidly learn from you and apply your feedback. The goal? To get closer to creating one place for you to manage and do all your work.

We’ve received numerous enhancement requests and pored over hundreds of surveys related to Practice Management in QBOA. Here are a few examples how you are directly impacting our roadmap and the future of Practice Management:

Recurring Projects and Tasks

  • You told us: My firm lives and dies on recurring tasks. I need to set it and forget it; otherwise, I’ll literally just forget it.
  • How we’ve acted on your feedback: Our team is actively working on a solution that enables you to create recurring projects and tasks so you can effortlessly ensure nothing ever slips through the cracks. We are being very thoughtful in our approach for solving for this, but we also understand how important it is to you. That’s why we have made this a top priority. In the meantime, we’ve added the ability to duplicate existing projects and that capability is enabled in your QBOA account. Give it a try!

Alternate Views for Visualizing Work

  • You told us: I love being able to view all my upcoming work, but future dated tasks (over 30 days) don’t appear. I’d like an overview of ALL the work we have completed and what is coming, even the stuff that’s far into the future.
  • How we’ve acted on your feedback: We’ve built a toggle that enables you to switch between different views so that you have the right altitude for viewing your firm’s work, whether you’re focused on what’s happening this month or a longer time horizon. This functionality is already enabled on your QBOA account, and we will continue to enhance it in the coming weeks.

We are so excited to deliver Practice Management to accountants all over the world, and would not be in a position to do so without you. However, there is still much work to do, so we are asking that you will continue to share your thoughts and feedback with us directly in QBOA.


Ariege Misherghi, Director of Product Management

Nagesh Tonne, Director of Product Development

Cathy Tiritoglu, Design Manager

… and the rest of the QBOA team worldwide!

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