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App Showdown finalist profile: PayPie – Boost your finances with intuitive cash flow forecasts

PayPie co-founder and CEO Nick Chandi says the intuitive cash flow forecasting and risk assessment app was created with one thing in mind: improving finances by helping connect businesses with the right investors and lenders.

“Many small business owners don’t know what action they can take to make them look attractive,” Chandi said. “They are busy sending invoices, doing data entry and hoping they’ll have some cash at the end to pay taxes to the IRS.”

PayPie identifies hundreds of attributes that originate from transactions in your QuickBooks® Online (QBO) account, organizing them in different buckets. It takes the data, creates actionable insights and feeds it into an algorithm to create a Risk Assessment Score. Journal entries, debits and credits, bank account statements, average invoice size and payment rates, and more are analyzed within seconds.

The result: crystal clear business insights that can help you improve your cash flow and up your appeal.

“A lot of business owners don’t even know why they failed to get an investment or credit for their business,” Chandi said. “We aim to simplify things for them with a single click.”

How it works: when you log into PayPie, you land on the dashboard screen, where a score is immediately calculated and displayed from the data in QBO. You can easily review the information and insights to figure out how a lender sees you – and take steps to make your business more attractive.

Cash flow forecasting makes a difference to lenders. After all, for them, financing is about risk. The more stable your business appears in the present and future, the more likely you are to get approval.

“We’ve seen that most of the time, financial analysis of a business is based on P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements,” Chandi said. “We believe there is a better way to assess the financial health of a business.”

He considers himself lucky, he says, because the team has been working with accounting professionals for almost 20 years, providing a variety of services.

“I had the option to go out and sit with them to discuss the project, and we have implemented a customer feedback mechanism in our app so that we can keep on working to improve it, Chandi said.”

Intuit’s® ecosystem is one of the most innovative app pools on the market, Chandi says. “What excites me the most is its ever-evolving nature. If there is a new app solving a problem in a unique, innovative way, Intuit’s marketplace will have it.”

PayPie was a finalist in this year’s Small Business App Showdown at QuickBooks Connect, a contest that honors the very best new apps published on the QuickBooks App Store.

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