Bryan Tritt

Bryan leads communications for Intuit Canada's Accounting software, including QuickBooks Accountant offering and ProFile. When he's not working, you can usually find him playing hockey, baking vegan treats and watching Game of Thrones. You can follow him on Twitter at @IntuitBry.

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The Intuit Follow-Me-Home Program

Ever think to yourself that we could make ProFile and QBO even better if Intuit’s engineers, product managers or designers were to watch you at work? Talk to the QuickBooks Online and ProFile teams live and in-person about what you want changed.

Accountant Digital Marketing Trends 2016

Accountants face turnover and while referrals are great, they don’t ensure a steady stream of work when times are tough. Learn how digital media and marketing can change the game for accountants.

Accounting Guru Michael Ford on Controlling Scope Creep in Accounting

Scope creep is a surprisingly common occurrence. It starts with taking on a project for a new client, and before you know it, the project has ballooned into a lot of unexpected work. Michael Ford discusses how to control scope creep early in a project for happier customer relations and a better bottom line.