Carla Caldwell

Carla Caldwell is the owner of Caldwell Consulting & Training. She works with business owners (especially non-profits) to bridge the gap between growing business and specific accounting solutions. Carla also helps accounting and bookkeeping firms implement the tools that help them be more successful, from value pricing and process development to the apps that support their systems. Learn why companies are using Caldwell Consulting & Training to get better organized, more efficient systems and stronger results.
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How to Present QuickBooks Online to Your Clients

In the client onboarding process, we must first learn how to discuss and show QuickBooks Online to our clients. You will learn how to determine which clients are right for QuickBooks Online, and how focus on the functionality that will help your clients run their businesses better.

Training Your Clients for Long-Term Success

In the final article of our onboarding series, you’ll learn the importance of training your client.  Whether you are sitting with your client face to face or online, we’ll show you how to help your client learn the process of working with your firm and with QuickBooks Online.