Erin Walsh Dyer

Erin is the ultimate bookkeeper's friend! As a national trainer for Intuit®, Erin educates hundreds of accounting professionals every month for QuickBooks® Accountant University, and in 2015 The Bookkeeper's Friend was named a top-20 Firm of the Future by Intuit.  Prior to the launch of the Bookkeepers Friend, Erin was a highly sought-after instructor for Intuit QuickBooks Training (Real World Training). During this time she educated thousands of QuickBooks desktop students across the United States and Intuit Support teams.  She was named Trainer of the Year by Real World Training in December 2012.

Helping users on a more personal level is her real calling.  Through her personal coaching, thousands of companies have learned to effectively navigate and customize QuickBooks for their  particular use.  Erin continues to assist accounting professionals to realize the full potential of both cloud based and traditional software options.

Erin and The Bookkeeper's Friend co-founder/husband, Jonathan Dyer, reside in Joshua Tree, California, and have their main office in San Diego.

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Proposing Your Services to Move Clients to QuickBooks Online

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