Ingrid Edstrom

Ingrid is a bookkeeping nerd and CEO of Polymath. She loves taking a topic that most small business owners put on a scale from boring to terrifying and turning it into a fun and rewarding part of entrepreneurship. Ingrid is the creator of the Ask A Bookkeeper puppet show, founder of the Southern Oregon Bookkeepers Association, and leader of the Southern Oregon Woodard Group.

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4 Reasons to Have a New Client Checklist

When doing a free one hour consultation to anyone who requested one was not productive, Polymath LLC developed an online request form to be the first step in developing a relationship. Read about very positive benefits they've seen.

How to Elegantly End a Client Relationship

Breaking up doesn't need to be so difficult. Many firms talk about "firing clients" when things aren't working out; at Polymath LLC, we have reframed that conversation to be more positive, reminding the client that we are focused on their best interests.