Kellie Parks, CPB

Kellie is a relentless organizer and believes cloud financial technology is key to organization. An ardent devotee of QuickBooks® Online, Kellie is passionate about introducing QBO and its app partner programs to accountants and their clients. She now spends much of her day educating accounting firms and SMBs, but loves keeping her head firmly in her bookkeeping clients’ day to day accounting needs as well.
Kellie and her husband Jeff, a Fly Fishing Guide, have three grown kids, a puppy and elderly Australian Shepard. She is an avid runner, water and snow skier, and live music fan.
Kellie is a proud member of the Intuit Trainer Writer Network. Certified Professional Bookkeeper, QBO Advanced Pro Certified, ReceiptBank certified, Hubdoc Advanced Partner, WagePoint Certified, Plooto Certified, and a 17Hats and Practice Ignition Partner. (Clearly Kellie is “certifiable!”)
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