Steven Gan

Steven Gan was the founder and president of Advance & Associates Co., Ltd. in Japan from 1992 — 2004, the first foreign-owned debt collection agency in the country. As a unique foreigner in this line of business, he became well known throughout the country as the Debt Collection Evangelist. Since 2005, he has been back in the U.S. operating his new company, Stellar Risk Management Services, Inc., a credit risk management consultancy, helping a wide range of businesses to increase their cash flow and minimize the risk of selling on credit. He is the author of the book, "Making It & Breaking It in Japan - My True Story of Songs, Sins, and Solitary."

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How to Determine Whether a New Client is Worth Your Time

As tax season approaches, there may be an opportunity to take on new business clients. Read some practical advice about the things you can do to ensure new clients are worth your time, including how to check their credit worthiness before agreeing to work with them.