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What do you enjoy most about being a bookkeeper?

What do you enjoy most about being a bookkeeper? This question was asked in Facebook’s “Bookkeeping Side Hustle Group,” moderated by Kate Johnson, and the results were across the board. Here’s what they had to say:

The part of being a virtual bookkeeper that I enjoy most is when I get to be that “right hand” to my clients who are really great at their particular craft, but really do not like, or do not know how, to manage their business books. It is such a great feeling to know that I am a part of their success. – Kate J.

My favorite part of being a bookkeeper is being able to work with entrepreneurs pursuing the American dream. I love hearing about their dreams, and then helping them pursue and accomplish them! – LoriAnn K.

The thing I most enjoy about my profession is the ability to help businesses understand their financials and see how their expenses affect their bottom line. For example, I had a small start-up business that could not figure out why their net income was lower than they expected (and, as a result, cash reserves were lower than they wanted them to be). When I pointed out that the daily trips to the coffee house were a major expense that they could cut out by simply paying for the coffee and doughnuts personally, it made an impression on them. Taking the few extra minutes to review the expenses made a world of difference to them, and endeared me to them through several new businesses. – Cindy M.

I think the best part of bookkeeping for me is the self-satisfaction of knowing I did my best to support small business owners and advise on the many wonderful integrated bookkeeping apps out there. – Steve C.

Being helpful, even if not in an exceedingly obvious way. You take a lot of the burden off business owners, allowing them to focus on growing their business, while keeping everything organized. – Justin C.

Hearing the dreams of the business owner and being a part of helping them build on that, but my favorite thing is to show them in the numbers why they aren’t growing, or where their biggest success is hiding. – Elisika A.

I love nerding out on accounting. I have since college days. Something about things always being in balance. I was a TA in college, teaching accounting to undergrads. I loved it when the balance thing clicked for them. For every credit, there’s a debit. Assets had to equal Liabilities + Equity. Lots of symmetry. – Justine R.

In addition, I thoroughly love helping my “tribe” learn and understand their business financials in a way that makes sense to them! The look on their faces when what I’m teaching and interpreting for them “clicks” is PRICELESS!! As a homeschool parent and teacher, that is probably the icing on the cake for me!! Give [one] a fish and feed [one] for a day; teach [one] to fish and you feed [one] for a lifetime!! Them understanding even a little more than before helps with their confidence and self-esteem. – Paulette M.

I love being able to streamline/enhance their processes, and love saving them money. I’ve always been an organized freak, which works very well. – Berni R.

I love bookkeeping because I can help my clients become more financially sound. They know where their numbers are each month, and I can identify to them where the problem areas are, and where the success areas are at. – Amanda H.

I love building relationships with my clients. I enjoy helping them truly understand their financials, and be along for the ride as their business grows. – Jodi S.

It’s like a numbers mystery to me. I enjoy the research. I always say numbers don’t lie; people do. – Rhonda M.

I love helping clients take the fear out of their finances. Many of them avoid the numbers because it is driven by fear. Helping them understand their financials gives them peace of mind, and allows them to run their businesses more effectively. – Shonette S.

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