Forecasting your cash flow.
Cash flow

Cash Flow Frog: Easy cash flow forecasting for your business within seconds

I am a CPA who began my career at Ernst & Young, and later served as an outsourced CFO and controller at various high-tech and industrial companies. It was at that time I recognized the pressure that business owners and managers struggled with their business cash flow.

One of the biggest issues with cash flow planning was the time and effort to collect data and create a forecast. By the time I completed one spreadsheet, I found myself with little to no energy for analysis and future planning – and with so many moving parts, a few days later it would be already out of date. I knew there was a better way to prepare cash flow forecasts, so Cash Flow Frog was founded in 2015 with the vision of help business owners – even those with no financial background to plan their cash flow.

Functionality and main features

Cash Flow Frog helps business owners or their accountants plan their business cash flow. We integrate with QuickBooks® Online. Cash Flow Frog automatically pulls and analyzes QuickBooks Online data, and generates a cash flow forecast based on historical accounting data and our algorithms. This data is continuously updated on a rolling basis. Our customers greatly benefit from this easy-to-use system, allowing them to plan weeks ahead for their future bank balance with no effort, and determining which payments and/or investments can be made while sustaining upcoming payments. They can also view and simulate various scenarios and how they will impact the future bank balance.

What sets them apart

Cash Flow Frog is simple and straightforward, and we have developed it to be accessible for everyone. We strongly believe that if it is not simple, no one will use it. You do not have to have an accounting background in order to plan your cash flow.

Customer feedback

We have ongoing feedback from customers through questionnaires and 1:1 calls. All the data is collected internally and then moved to our R&D priority board. Our customer feedback is our most important source of the strategic R&D roadmap.

Working with QuickBooks

None of this could have happened without Intuit’s remarkable QuickBooks Online.

Intuit® has done an incredible job at creating a rich ecosystem of businesses and third-party 3rd SaaS providers, providing accounting and payment APIs by creating a strong and efficient platform, including a third-party app marketplace, developer resources and tools, and worldwide events such as QuickBooks Connect that help connect software providers and businesses. Then, Intuit tops it all off with outstanding customer and developer support. Being a part of this ecosystem is what enables us to become a part of Intuit’s success.

Accounting and financial data used to be disorganized and hard to collect, but now, with Intuit, it is easily categorized and streamlined into one central hub. This hub creates endless opportunities of artificial intelligence into everyday business needs.

Who we cater to

We focus on business owners who need to plan their cash flow in order to grow as a business or to assure that they can pay all upcoming liabilities.

Our customers fall into two categories: those who prepare cash flow spreadsheets that are time- consuming and quickly go out of date, and those who do not know where to start and/or how to plan their cash flow. We help businesses and take the pressure off your shoulders. Planning your cash flow can be easy and quick with Cash Flow Frog.

Way forward

As business owners, we tend to fall into a daily pattern and focus on the little things. We maintain, adjust and readjust them, but sometimes it is important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Those little things are a part of a goal and something you have accomplished. At Cash Flow Frog, that’s how we feel: with QuickBooks and Intuit, we can help businesses see their bigger picture and reach their goals.

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