Accounting team tapping into QuickBooks Online Accountant features to boost efficiency and workflow.
Client relationships

5 QuickBooks Online Accountant features that will streamline your client communication

With QuickBooks® Online Accountant, communicating with your clients is simpler and more secure than ever. Take advantage of these five features to help keep your clients in the know and accomplish your tasks — from organizing all of your clients’ contact information to taking notes to sharing important documents.

#1: Secure, efficient sharing and messaging

You can create client requests directly within your dashboard with Quickbooks Online Accountant. Whether you want to share important documents or message clients, you can do so securely straight from your Work tab in the left navigation panel.

For clients, keeping track of your incoming requests is simple. All of your requests live in your client’s My Accountant tab in their QuickBooks Online account. They can easily track the due dates of your requests so they won’t miss a thing and you’ll get what you need on time.

Your client can also send responses to your requests and share documents securely inside QuickBooks. Rest easy knowing your sensitive information is safe.

#2: Real-time status updates

We know how stressful it can be wondering when your client is going to act on your requests or respond to messages, However, with Quickbooks Online Accountant, you can track the status of document requests and messages at a glance within your dashboard’s Work tab, making it easier to plan your week and hit your deadlines.

#3: Central document access

No more wasting time on wild goose chases for documents you need. You can find all your shared documents within your Quickbooks Online Accountant client list. Simply click on the client you want and hit the Shared documents tab along the top.

#4: Any-screen compatibility

Enjoy more flexibility and work-life balance by fielding requests from practically anywhere. Whether you’re at your client’s business or standing in line for a latte, you can track and edit requests as they come in, without having to hustle back to the office.

#5: Simple note capturing and tracking

Keep your firm as sharp and well maintained as a topiary garden with the Notes feature of Quickbooks Online Accountant.

Note-taking features at a glance:

  • The notes you capture are automatically stamped with time and author.
  • Notes can be viewed and edited by all team members who have access to the client.
  • Pin notes you want to mark as important or permanent for easy retrieval later on. Even URL links can be captured and recognized in your notes.
  • Notes are capped at 4,000 characters each, so you have plenty of space to add details about client messages you want to send.

I hope these tips help you with your client communications! Stay tuned for more tips on how to use QuickBooks Online Accountant.

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