A guide to developing Accounting Advisory Services

Accounting Advisory Services are services you can offer to your clients that provide crucial assistance and create value beyond traditional accounting and bookkeeping work. You may already be providing some form of advisory service to your clients and not be aware that this is a service, in and of itself.

There are many kinds of advisory services you can add to your toolbox and perform as an additional service in your existing work. This guide will address some of the most current and vital services, including Financial, Process, App, Forensic/Compliance, and Successor Advisory.  We will cover tangible recommendations for implementing advisory services, as well as examples from leading professionals who are successfully advising clients in each of these areas.

Understanding these services, and knowing how to market them to your clients, allows you to gain trust and client loyalty. These services allow you to go beyond the usual accounting duties and create opportunities for you to grow your firm and, additionally, help your clients’ businesses become stronger and more streamlined.

In This Guide