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See how Canadian Firm of the Future finalist and busy working mom Jennifer Moore of Moore Details Bookkeeping uses QuickBooks Online and apps to serve her clients. 

My name is Jenny Moore of Moore Details Bookkeeping.

We are the Firm of the Future. Bye. Yes. Having to be a work-at-home mom with three kids is wonderful, but when they leave, I get a lot done. We have a client call at 10. Hey good morning Tamara. My assistant Tamara, we have never met face to face. Comping on a call with an App company.

Moore Details Bookkeeping started 10 years ago in a traditional workflow. We were using desktop products and a lot of paper, now we use text messaging, Skype. Can you hear me okay

Oh, awesome. Now with the advancement of cloud, specifically Quick Books Online, because that is the only platform that we use throughout our organization and many apps. We're able to focus on what our clients really want, and what they want is feedback.

We can work through you on a, "How am I doing factor?", "What's my cash flow like?", "Can I meet payroll?" How do you add value, in your value-bility model? By using applications. Right now I'm just downloading  GoToMeeting.

Welcome to my office. Social media became my documentation process, if you will, to note my journey to the cloud. It was a way of, not only expressing my self but also helping people as well.

We're actually doing our first mentorship in a park. I work 26 hours a week, so what do I do with the rest of my time, I spend it with my family. It's not even balanced, I think the term would be like harmony. You know what, I'm happy. Really, that quality of life.