3 Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss at QuickBooks Connect Toronto

3 Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss at QuickBooks Connect Toronto

It’s important to us here at Intuit® that our community of customers and partners have the time and opportunity to gather together for face-to-face interaction. As the industry continues to technologically evolve – including automating our processes and providing constant availability through mobile apps – we recognize that this progress can separate us from direct contact with people in the industry and can limit occasions when we connect and share our experiences and knowledge with each other.

To counteract this by-product of advancing technology, we offer QuickBooks® Connect Toronto (QBC) 2017, coming Dec. 4-6, 2017. We highly recommend you register right away, as space is filling up fast.

“It’s extremely educational, a great way to get out and network with other people in the industry, and super fun. The conference provides information about apps and methods it would have taken me weeks to research on my own and brings it all together in one place,” says Tanya Hilts, founder of Cloud Bookkeeping Services and an advanced certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor®, about her experience attending QBC Toronto.

This year, Hilts will not only attend the conference, but also lead three QBC Toronto breakout sessions. She graciously offered to give a preview of her sessions, and why she believes every accounting professional in Canada should attend.

Session #1: Creating Engaging Training Videos for Your Clients

“Training videos are something I feel everybody should be doing, but a lot of people aren’t,” Hilts says. “It’s on the list of things to do for many people I talk to, but they don’t know where to start or how easy it really is.”

For Hilts and her team, providing their clients with an online training page, which includes their training videos, is the best way to offer customer service while also fostering client independence. It’s a tool their clients can access whenever they want and as often as they need, eliminating the necessity of continuously walking them through steps that are answered in the videos they have created.

“While we’re building up our own video library, we have been using Intuit’s videos embedded onto our page. This allows us and our clients to have a full library from the start,” she says.

Hilts points out that they are working on replacing Intuit’s videos with their own, but as the process goes on, they’re giving their clients something unique and “special” – something just for them and accessible with a private password. Businesses who do this understand the concept of offering extra benefits that clients appreciate and do so without breaking the bank. In addition, Hilts says offering a training page with training videos helps your website’s SEO ranking and can help grow your YouTube channel following.

“It can be really easy; there are a lot of tools available out there for making training videos – you can easily create them by cutting and pasting. It’s really simple and effective, and we’ll do a full ‘how to’ during our QBC Toronto sessions,” Hilts states.

Session #2: Payroll Options for QuickBooks Online Clients

As an expert on QuickBooks Online, Hilts is well versed on our payroll options. During this QBC Toronto breakout, she’ll discuss third party applications that work with QBO and which ones would work best for your company’s size. Dealing with smaller organizations, Hilts is very price conscious and chooses her apps accordingly.

She notes, “Different apps would be good for different clients for different reasons. There are so many apps out there, it can be overwhelming. My goal is to do a comparison and give people a better idea of which ones they should look at for their specific needs.”

Not only is the sheer amount of apps on the market overwhelming, but the world of cloud accounting can be, too. Hilts says that, at first, she and her team “went big” and then realized they needed to scale it down. They were signing into 13 different apps a day and forced to either be in the app every hour or jump around to make sure the apps didn’t close out on them.

“It was ridiculous the amount of time we were spending, so we pulled it down to a very small handful of ‘go-to’ apps that work for multiple purposes. We believe in working smarter, not harder – keeping it simple,” she states. “This includes picking the right payroll option for your business.”

Session #3: Workflow Efficiency

Hilts considers herself to be a minimalist and likes to find workarounds that allow her, and her clients, to operate at optimal efficiency. Her understanding of workflow efficiency is absolute. “For the longest time, I had to deal with 600 tax returns a year by myself, as well as all of the bookkeeping and training. I don’t like to say no and I like to do a lot of different things, so I had no choice but to work at optimum efficiency.”

She spent about eight months to a year bringing her company to full productivity, researching many different apps in the process. She’s excited to share what she’s learned and what she uses in her personal day-to-day workflow with you when you register for QBC Toronto.

QBO Practice Management is one of the tools she uses to aid herself and her team in keeping deadlines. Hilts believes maximum efficiency comes with using the fewest amount of tools possible and automating tasks, which frees up more time.

“After we had done everything to operate at optimum efficiency, we were saving, on average, 13 hours a month just within the firm. It’s huge! We then took it a step further and applied our automation skills to taking care of our clients,” Hilts says. “They pay us to take care of that for them. For example, we set up automatic emails to remind them of this form or that form they may need to submit, automated by templates and by using our software, which keeps our clients on track. They appreciate it!”

If you can use help managing your workflow to get the most out of your day, this session will be a good fit. You’ll learn why and how she does it, and what tools she uses. Plus, she’ll touch on the other tool options available on the market.

Check out our QBC Toronto agenda to find out more details about Hilts’ breakouts, as well as the information for the many other sessions happening throughout the conference.

“QBC Toronto provides education that is out of this world, and it’s the one place you can access it all together. Intuit has amazing products and they really stand behind the accountants and bookkeepers. They want us to learn and do what is right for our clients,” Hilts says. “You can also talk with people and get their opinions directly, not just app partners. I paid to bring my whole staff and told them I would pay for them every single year. They need to see what it’s about, especially those who are new to cloud accounting. The event is very eye opening!”

QuickBooks Connect Toronto 2017 is the perfect opportunity to connect with your fellow accountants and bookkeepers, while growing and revitalizing your business at the same time. Register today