3 simple ways to elevate your practice

3 simple ways to elevate your practice

Walking into my new role as the head of QuickBooks ProAdvisor® Program and Training was like having the best cup of hot chocolate on a snow-pocalypse day. The underlying excitement and joy of being able to focus on building out the top accountant loyalty program in the world – and head up education that will make a difference in the community I love – was palpable.

What I’ve learned in my first three months on the job is there are more than 900 people dedicated to the accounting professional’s journey with Intuit®. Every day, teams work to drive success for accountants, bookkeepers, financial advisors and tax professionals.

The ProAdvisor and Education team lives, eats and breathes helping the accounting profession be successful. For a peak behind the curtain, here are three things Intuit and QuickBooks do to elevate the accounting profession, plus three ways you can use our tactics to boost your firm.

#1: Conduct in-depth interviews

In-depth interviews are a constant pulse check on how we deliver educational resources to ProAdvisors and accounting professionals. Throughout the year, over weeks of interviews, we invite the accounting community to give us feedback on our program and product. This is our time to dig in with the accounting profession to see how they navigate the platform and discover our training, and to understand if we’re building the best solution – the best resources – for the people who depend on it.

Last year, the accounting community said they wanted a QuickBooks recertification program that didn’t require them to retake the entire training before testing. We also heard accountants weren’t getting up to speed on the latest product features. So, we took action.

We created a new recertification program that tests the core QuickBooks functionality, and teaches the latest updates and features. And, anyone who already has a core certification can just take the recertification test, unless you want to step it up a notch and go for your advanced certification!

Level-up your firm: Conduct in-depth interviews with your clients. Even if it’s just once a year, you’ll gain valuable insight into how they self-help, how they are using the apps you incorporated into their lives and how you can strengthen the client-accountant relationship.

#2: Listen to the voice of the customer

At the top of every ProAdvisor team meeting, we hear the voice of the customer. The voice of the customer is vital to the success of every person in the QuickBooks accountant segment. We collect all of the data from surveys and feedback from in-depth interviews, and then we align the trends. Knowing our ProAdvisors’ biggest hurdles and struggles, we create a plan for change. When we heard you wanted a more succinct test, we built out a plan and met with our teams to make things happen.

Level-up your firm: This is your next step after you interview your clients. Take all of that information and see if you can find trends that can help you improve your processes, website, client communications and service offerings. What responses will be game changers for the largest population of your clients?

#3: Take action

After months of working with your peers in the accounting profession to design and deliver our certification, build out the training experience, and conduct in-depth interviews, we get into action mode! When working with so many teams to execute a plan, we take the date we want to launch and then plan out everything that we need to execute in order to meet that deadline. Then, we get all hands on deck to make the plan happen.

Level-up your firm: Build out a plan for the year. And note, you must have a deadline for what you want to accomplish, because that will help you complete the work. If you don’t give yourself a deadline, then it becomes a floating project you may not complete.

I never feel our work is done. There is always room to improve and grow – and technology and business best practices are always changing. But, I am blessed that this team does it with you in mind, with your peers’ insights and with our heart in the spot of helping you succeed at every turn. We continue to invest millions in education and we hope that the product- and non-product related courses continue to help you flourish in the profession. Here’s to your continued success.