3 Ways TSheets by QuickBooks Will Change Your Practice

3 Ways TSheets by QuickBooks Will Change Your Practice

TSheets and QuickBooks® have always gone together like peanut butter and jelly. TSheets tracks accurate-to-the-second time, and QuickBooks turns that time data into accurate and easy payroll. Together, they save accounting professionals and business owners tons of time and money each and every pay period (that’s cooler than any peanut butter and jelly sandwich I’ve ever seen).

And, it gets better.

Now that TSheets is officially “TSheets by QuickBooks,” you’re getting a whole smorgasbord of your favorite sandwiches. TSheets by QuickBooks makes tracking time, running payroll, billing clients and creating accurate invoices easier than ever before — for you and your clients. Best of all, it’s absolutely free for accountants and bookkeepers (who we affectionately call our TSheetsPROs). Be sure to see the end of this article for a special offer.

Here are three ways you can expect TSheets by QuickBooks to seriously benefit your practice.

1. You can get started right away

I asked our TSheetsPROs what they love about TSheets by QuickBooks, and "ease of use" was the No. 1 answer across the board!

"It took our not-so-tech-savvy employee just one training session to get the hang of TSheets," Jodi Negri, a bookkeeper at Brilliant Bookkeeping excitedly proclaimed. "Our entire team was on board within minutes."

We’ve all been through the process of adopting new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products and training our staff and clients on new technology. No matter the product, you don’t want the process of adoption to deter a team from using a tool that will benefit their work and the company.

The easier the onboarding experience, the faster your employees will embrace the new tool — and the quicker you can streamline your processes and data to get deeper insights into your business! Plus, if new technology is easy for your employees to use, you know it’s easy for your clients to use too.

A simple product like TSheets by QuickBooks can help ease your team and your clients into additional, and more complex apps and software you may want them to utilize in the future. It’s that simple win you need to start the new technology journey. And, if your team or your clients need assistance, they have access to TSheets’ free, five-star, award-winning, white-glove customer support team — anytime they need it.

2. You can get paid more, faster

According to 2015 research by Fundbox, nearly 64 percent of invoices are paid late — equating to over $26 billion in lost revenue. The accounting profession is among the industries affected most by late payments, and in many cases, inaccurate or incomplete invoices are to blame.

TSheets by QuickBooks allows you and your employees to track time against different clients and jobs throughout the day, so creating accurate invoices is easy. You don’t even have to leave your QuickBooks dashboard to do it! Customers who use TSheets by QuickBooks can bill up to 20 percent more just by better understanding the scope of their work and where their team is spending their time.

Plus, QuickBooks makes it easy to electronically bill your clients, so they can pay instantly. Studies show billing clients electronically and making it simple for them to pay invoices will help ensure they actually pay — and pay on time.

When making plans to market your firm, update your brand, or take on additional clients, you want cash flow to be at the bottom of your list of concerns. Billing up to 20 percent more, decreasing the time it takes to get paid and having accurate invoices at your disposal are the keys to increasing your bottom line. These factors can make 2018 the year you bring some of those items on your business wish list to fruition.

3. You can make smarter business decisions

Where are you spending the majority of your time? Are your clients still profitable to your practice? Do you need to hire additional help? Are you accurately pricing your services? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, TSheets by QuickBooks can help.

With real-time reporting in TSheets, you gain valuable business insights you won’t get anywhere else. Find out exactly how much time you (and your team) are spending on each client — and whether the client’s bill reflects that time correctly. Discover where you’re spending most of your time and where you need to shift your priorities to see success.

You may notice you’re spending too much time on administrative functions and you need more time to nurture clients and increase their services. The insights you will gain from having smart data at your fingertips can truly help you build the firm of your dreams.

Plus, you can use TSheets reports to offer more services to your clients, help them better understand where their time is spent and show them where they may be losing money on payroll due to buddy punching or time theft. And with the TSheets Accountant View, you gain access to your clients’ TSheets accounts — allowing you to see their real-time reports for yourself.

When you’re armed with real data, you can make smarter decisions for the businesses in your portfolio and for your firm.

*Special Offer: Give your clients three months of TSheets free!

*As part of the special offer, your client will receive a 100 percent discount on their first three months of service fees upon activation of their TSheets Time Tracker subscription. This limited time offer expires on 1/31/18, and is valid for new TSheets Time Tracker subscribers only. Client subscription is subject to the TSheets Terms and Conditions and Customer Service Agreement, and is subject to change.