4 Apps That Will Rock Your Workflow

4 Apps That Will Rock Your Workflow

Your practice’s growth and efficiency go hand in hand. Automating your workflow can save you a ton of time and help you expand your services when you use QuickBooks® Online (QBO) Apps. If you’re ready to streamline your workflow, there are three things to consider:

  1. Learn about new innovations, such as apps, so that you can serve clients better today and be ready for new clients tomorrow.
  2. Challenge yourself to look at your practice from a different perspective.
  3.  Question why you do things the same old way.

At Moore Details Bookkeeping, we’ve integrated apps into our everyday processes in order to become more streamlined. Apps, such as Hubdoc, Plooto, Wagepoint and Invoice Sherpa, have a vital role in how we manage “big data.”

With QBO apps, our company has innovated by becoming paperless, virtual and exclusive to QBO. We no longer waste precious time managing paper – we manage data, instead. Our team members are virtual, and each has a specific role in our clients’ bookkeeping story. By not having to be in person, meetings and jobs are made easier. Our goal is innovative collaboration within our team and with our clients. And, in choosing to become exclusive to QBO, we created efficiencies in our workflow, and our processes are designed for only one accounting platform.

Each client is unique. However, there are still basic workflows in each bookkeeping story, such as the following:

  • Data entry
  • Payables payments
  • Payroll
  • Accounts receivable management

Now, let’s dive into the apps that allow us to operate the way we do.

Data Entry App: Hubdoc is our virtual filing cabinet and inbox. We no longer manage paper, thanks to this app. Its integration with banking institutions means that our virtual team is able to reconcile bank accounts with ease.

We involve our clients in their bookkeeping story by downloading the Hubdoc app on their smart device, so that they can snap pictures of point of sale receipts for expenses paid by credit card or debit. Hubdoc has been vital in streamlining the accounts payable process for our clients. Each vendor sends an electronic invoice to Hubdoc, via a customized email address. This app, alone, has allowed us to focus on giving clients feedback, not chasing paper.

Tip: Check your bank feeds twice a week in QBO. If there are transactions that aren’t “Matched,” then you know that your client hasn’t been sending receipts to Hubdoc. We do this to pre-reconcile the bank accounts so that our month-end wrap-up is a snap.

Payables Payments App: Plooto and Hubdoc work nicely together to streamline the accounts payable process. Invoices are posted to QBO from Hubdoc, and instantly appear in Plooto for payment via electronic funds.

With this app, we have been able to eliminate the need for checks with our clients, which carries a double bonus, as we no longer have outstanding checks as items on our bank recs.

Tip: You can also request payments from your clients on a recurring basis – a bonus for value pricing professionals to avoid expensive merchant services.

Payroll App: With Wagepoint, payroll pain is no longer an issue for us. Though payroll is a vital service offering, we found that it took too much processing time to complete, compared to the value assigned to it. By leveraging Wagepoint, we have the option to run payroll for our clients, or allow our clients to operate it themselves. The complexities of payroll are solved with Wagepoint – most importantly, its ability to calculate statutory pay, issue 1099s and W-2s, and an employee portal for paystubs. Our clients appreciate that the source deductions are automatically pulled during each payroll and submitted to the government.

This evens out our client cash flow so that we aren’t hitting them with a huge remittance on the 15th, or end of the month. Our larger clients appreciate the segregation of sensitive information, such as date of birth, social insurance numbers and rate of pay. If elected, just the financials can be imported into QBO.

Tip: TSheets is a great timekeeping app that works alongside Wagepoint. The new TSheets Kiosk app is great for employees who need a physical device to punch in and punch out. A pending integration of TSheets into Wagepoint is planned for early 2017.

Accounts Receivable App: Invoice Sherpa is your perky accounts receivable collector that will keep your clients’ cash flow strong. This amazing app allows you to integrate various payment gateways to make it easier for customers to pay invoices. Invoice Sherpa simply invoices customers, sends payment reminders, assesses interest, if needed, and thanks the client for paying.

Tip: Invoice Sherpa works wonderfully with QuickBook Online Payments.

With any app, it is important to review the process and document any procedures needed for your team or client. Leveraging an app, such as Aero, will help you with your firm’s recurring tasks, manage workflows and provide you with a bird’s-eye view of your practice.

Your call to action is to simply investigate the benefits of these QuickBooks Apps for yourself. My advice is to take one app at a time, to get to know it well. When you’re comfortable with it and understand its operation, then it’s time to integrate it into your clients’ ecosystem.