5 Tips to Maximize Your New Find-a-ProAdvisor Profile

Each year, 1 million small businesses visit Find-a-ProAdvisor to connect with a QuickBooks® expert; recently, we’ve made some massive improvements to the marketplace to drive ProAdvisors® more, better-matched leads. However, getting the phone to ring takes more effort than simply publishing your profile. Read on for a few tips to make the most of your listing on Find-a-ProAdvisor, free for Certified ProAdvisors.

#1: Include a photo. Give potential clients a good first impression with a professional looking headshot. It’s your chance to help prospects feel comfortable with you, so take the time to make it shine— it could help you be the first person they call! Don’t use your company logo, or show buildings or scenery. Show a picture of you, and be sure to choose a high-resolution image (600 x 600 pixels or higher).

#2: Write an awesome “about me” section with a strong intro. The introduction to your “about me” section now shows up on the search results page, providing a great opportunity for you to highlight what’s truly unique about your practice. Use this space to share what you most want potential clients to know about you to encourage the right ones to learn more.

When writing your “about me,” remember to use simple language that prospects can understand, and focus on the value you can provide to them. Let them know what you can do by answering potential questions they may have, such as:

  • Can this person solve my problem?
  • Is this someone I can work with?
  • What do I get out of the relationship?

#3: Get (more) reviews. Our research has shown that most prospective clients won’t even look at a profile without reviews. Beyond getting profile views, reviews also provide the social proof customers need to determine whether your service is a good fit for their needs. Although there’s no hard and fast rule about how many reviews you should have, we recommend striving for at least five.

Asking for reviews from your clients can be hard, but remember that most would love to repay you for the value you’ve provided. Jody Jordan shared this story about how she increased her reviews:

“One time I put together an email to my clients to thank them for their business. I let them know that my practice is in a growth phase and I’m looking for more clients. It helps to let them know that I’m a small business just like them.  I pasted the link to my profile to make it really easy for them to go write a review – I had a good response. And now things are busy!”

Want more ideas? Check out this article for tips for getting reviews.

#4: Complete new profile content fields. Make sure your profile is up-to-date and complete, including the three recently added content fields:

  • Years in business
  • Languages
  • Social sites

Business owners know that finding the right accounting pro is important to their success and want to learn more about you. By including your social sites, such as a LinkedIn profile, professional Facebook page or blog, you can provide important insights into the value you provide, increasing the likelihood of getting the lead.

#5: Showcase your specialties. When it comes to selecting your industries served, less is more. Studies have shown that small businesses prefer to work with accounting professionals who specialize in their industry, as opposed to generalists who serve too many industries.

Want more tips from marketing pros? Check out our complete guide to maximizing your ProAdvisor profile.

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