6 Tips to Provide Impeccable Client Service

6 Tips to Provide Impeccable Client Service

The most profitable firms are the ones who know that customer experiences are what drive retention and growth – but how do you become an accountant that goes above and beyond for their clients, especially when they least expect it? How do you build authentic relationships that contribute to the long-term success of your firm? Here’s how:   

Move to the Cloud 

Cloud solutions allow accountants to position themselves as preferred advisors by offering more innovative solutions. Cloud accounting streamlines workflows by reducing inefficiencies. And, since your time won’t be spent correcting inaccuracies or manually inputting data, you have more time to provide consultation, financial guidance and business decision-making advice.  


Discover the skills of developing rapport. Build trust so that clients talk to you openly and will trust your advice. And, most importantly, listen. Being a good listener is perhaps the best way to identify your clients’ needs, what’s going on in their business and what they consider to be valuable solutions. 

Always Overdeliver

Overselling your abilities and failing to meet expectations is the quickest way to ruin your relationship with your clients. Authenticity matters. In business, that means delivering on your promises. It’s better to under-promise and over-deliver than make promises you can’t keep. 

Become a Trusted Advisor 

To become a trusted advisor, you need to exhibit forward and strategic thinking when it comes to giving advice. Be more than just the transactional bookkeeping services you offer; advise as if you were part of their management team. While the services you provide are necessary, the counsel you give is just as valuable. 

Clients appreciate the input that helps them save money or grow their business. To gain their trust and develop a long-term relationship, be willing to offer more than your accounting knowledge and skill. Utilize your expertise and guidance for their business compliance needs and general finances. 

Transparency in Pricing 

Moving to the cloud leads to efficiency resulting from automation. With the majority of manual tasks eliminated, you deliver better results – faster. Because of your increased efficiency and improved productivity, you can consider switching from time-based billing to value pricing. 

Value pricing allows you to be more transparent about your rates. Client relationships are improved when you discuss pricing before the work is done. When there are no more surprises as invoices are received, those uncomfortable conversations between client and accountant are avoided. 

Empower with Choices 

Clients love customized options and multiple choices. However, too many choices can be confusing and overwhelming. It makes sense to want to build your services into fixed packages; you can do that and still offer clients different options. It’s all in the way you present them. By showing them a menu of products and services, you always budget effectively, and your clients still feel in control. 

With the cloud and automation eliminating manual work, customer service in accountancy becomes more critical than ever. Accountants and bookkeepers need to learn how to have better conversations to build trust. You need to develop your services, identify what clients want and exceed expectations. 

Finally, you must be authentic in advising clients. They’ll appreciate the guidance throughout the complexities of business.