A software company’s case for using QuickBooks Online Advanced

A software company’s case for using QuickBooks Online Advanced

To keep up with growth and operate more efficiently, it is not uncommon for fast growing, complex businesses to reach a point where they need the services of a skilled accounting firm, on top of a tax planner and preparer.

Here is a white paper that goes into more detail. Click on it to review and download.

This was the case for a Southern California-based global software development house. After learning about the company’s existing processes and ways of working, our firm, Parkway Business Solutions, designed and implemented new, streamlined workflows that completely transformed the way this company does business. QuickBooks® Online Advanced, Intuit’s highest tier of cloud-based accounting software for complex businesses, made the majority of these timesaving tasks possible.

Advanced enabled us to:

  • Restructure and organize data entry across the business using Projects, one of the features in Advanced.
  • Use enhanced custom fields to organize data and create a series of detailed reports.
  • Create custom roles for staff to ensure information is always in the right hands.
  • Put Advanced features such as Google Sheets integration, dashboard views, and workflows to use.
  • Focus on advisory services and establish ourselves as a resource for ongoing financial and operations advice.

As a result of implementing software and process solutions, our client tripled its revenue, growing from $550,000 annually to $1.5 million in just three years. The redesigned workflow processes helped position our client to continue its upward trajectory without any of the hassle and frustration of the growing pains it once experienced.