A2X for Amazon: Amazon Marketplace Accounting Made Easy

A2X for Amazon: Amazon Marketplace Accounting Made Easy

A2X for Amazon is a software service developed by ExportX, a multichannel e-commerce company selling online since 2008. Naturally, as they expanded, ExportX decided to begin selling their products on the e-commerce behemoth Amazon.

Amazon’s sales reporting includes sending flat file reports that would show net profit, but exclude things like sales, fees, shipping and so on. The files also included timeframes that would overlap months and it wasn’t clear which revenue came from which time period.

Our team quickly discovered that Amazon’s flat files made it incredibly difficult to reconcile payments. They spent countless painful hours doing accounting on their backend, manually reconciling the data returned by Amazon.

So, ExportX decided to solve the company’s own accounting problem and built the software that would later become A2X.

Functionality and Main Features

A2X will automatically fetch the latest Amazon settlement transactions, and post summarized transactions to QuickBooks®. A2X gives Amazon posting easy-to-reconcile summary invoices to QuickBooks Online (QBO). Users can account for Amazon revenue and expenses quickly and easily in a familiar, QBO-like way. 

  • A2X maps to the Amazon Settlement statements and matches transactions exactly to the money deposited into the e-commerce businesses bank account. the app can even split invoices for settlements that span the end of the month so users have accurate financials by month for their Amazon sales.
  • A2X providse a single invoice per settlement statement. If not for this, then every order would be pushed into QBO, which would create issues because it would create lots of useless data, contacts and invoices. 
  • A2X regularly asks customers for feedback to help find the pain points they’re finding in running their Amazon FBA businesses. Along with this, A2X keeps a close pulse on them through annual NPS surveys to monitor and highlight customers who love the product every single day.

Working with Intuit

“Partnering with Intuit® has enabled us to reach new markets and serve a wider range of Amazon FBA businesses in North America. We could not have done this without Intuit’s support. Intuit continues to go from strength to strength in North America, and across the world. We’re excited about our journey together, to empower and automate all of the complex e-commerce accounting needs that sellers have to deal with on a daily basis. We’re impressed with the way the Intuit app ecosystem is matching up specialist software capabilities to industry segments.