Absolutely Amazing Time-Saving Apps

The change in the qbo ecosystem has been absolutely amazing. Like I said, it was really hard back in 2009 when I was writing those courses to find just 3 apps that integrated with quickbooks online and now there's more than 1400 on apps.com. It's awesome, I mean, I am such an app ... I love shoes so I really like to buy new shoes but also I love getting new apps almost as much.

I spend a lot of time, and you can spend 10, 15, 20 minutes a day just checking out apps.com and looking and seeing new ones and reading reviews. It's really awesome to find an app that does something really well that just kicks ass at one thing, because usually that's what makes the difference for our company, for our firm and for our small businesses. It's so fascinating just to see all of these awesome 3rd party developers that are coming in and just really allowing small businesses to save so much time.

That to me has been, it's just amazing just to watch how it's changing lives. I just get so excited when I get to talk to the clients and explain that to them and hear that sigh of relief on the phone when I tell them I found them a solution, or see that their shoulders just kind of relax when they realize that, "Oh, this is only going to cost me like 30 bucks a month and I'm going to get 5 hours every week back in my life."

That's really been a fascinating thing is watching the ecosystem change over the last few years.