Accelerate your opportunity with the ProAdvisor Program

Accelerate your opportunity with the ProAdvisor Program

Securing new business is critical to the success of any accounting or bookkeeping professional, and the ProAdvisor® Program’s marketing resources are unquestionably the best tools for the job.

ProAdvisors who have made strides in QuickBooks® training and certification are ready to undertake the next step of their journey: The growth of their practice. The Society of ProAdvisory has an old adage about growth: “The bottom line is balance.” In other words, success depends equally on the quality of your work and the future opportunities you pursue.

Marketing is the key to driving these opportunities to any ProAdvisor’s firm. While it’s often perceived as a daunting hurdle on the way to gaining clients, marketing can multiply the potential of your business more quickly than you might think. Fortunately, the marketing perks offered through the ProAdvisor Program simplify, and accelerate, your journey toward the business you envision.

Every ProAdvisor has many possible paths to grow their firm, but before exploring each marketing tool found in the Benefits Tab of QuickBooks Online Accountant, we must discuss the foundation of growth: the marketing plan.

Build your marketing plan

Building a plan is the first major step of marketing. The plan acts as a blueprint that structures the best ways to market your business, with the timeline and budget that’s right for you. The Intuit® Marketing Hub’s nine-step guide to creating your own marketing plan is a great resource to help define everything that a marketing strategy should be.

As you begin developing a plan, there are several factors to consider, such as the stage of growth your firm is undergoing. Startups typically have a greater need for new clients and might not want to be as picky about the type of businesses they attract. More experienced firms that want to specialize should narrow efforts to attract specific types of clients, while long-established firms may want to reconfigure their strategy if they see new business growth reaching a plateau. The need for growth varies depending on each firm’s situation, and defining that is always an important step of planning.

Here are a few more tips to help build a marketing plan:

  • Devote time to the planning process. It can be hard to find a spare moment between existing work, but every opportunity helps.
  • Be realistic about how much more work you can take on. Gaining clients is always nice, but they all demand a portion of their ProAdvisor’s attention. Plan for the number of clients you believe you can serve at your current capacity.
  • Give yourself a timeline and set goals. You don’t have to double your book of business overnight, but pacing growth is important especially since some clients only need temporary accounting assistance.

Consult the Intuit Marketing Hub that can be found inside the Benefits Tab throughout the planning process.

If you aren’t familiar with the Marketing Hub, think of it as a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. Available to all ProAdvisors, the Marketing Hub offers an abundance of articles, guides, and templates to help you fulfill every stage of the marketing process, from planning and generating leads to onboarding new clients and maintaining connections. Even after solidifying a plan, referencing this library of resources would benefit any ProAdvisor looking to expand clientele.

ProAdvisor Program

Get listed in the Find-a-ProAdvisory directory

With a marketing plan in place, it’s time to pick the tools that make sense for growing your business. If you’re QuickBooks Certified, then the obvious next step is to claim a listing in the Find-a-ProAdvisor directory.

Find-a-ProAdvisor connects Certified ProAdvisors with a vast and diverse network of potential clients. With hundreds of thousands of small businesses visiting the site to find a ProAdvisor every year, the opportunities to showcase your expertise are practically endless. Activating your profile is simple, but there are a few ways to stand out from the crowd:

  • Less is more. Many people include a long list of experience, but if you narrow your focus to the businesses you specialize in, then you could attract a more specific client base.
  • Ask clients to leave reviews. Prospects like to be reassured they’re choosing the right ProAdvisor for their business, so every bit helps.
  • The more certifications the better. The best way to attract attention is to look extra qualified. If you haven’t already, consider getting your QuickBooks Advanced Certification.

Marketing tools and program discounts

Once you optimize your Find-a-ProAdvisor profile to attract as many small businesses as possible, there are a few more marketing tools to help you engage with prospective clients.

ProAdvisor Program

Email marketing is a significant way of maintaining communication with clients and opening their eyes to services they hadn’t realized they needed. The ProAdvisor Program offers a subscription discount to Constant Contact, an email marketing tool that improves the success of your email strategy. With greater discounts at each ProAdvisor tier, Constant Contact optimizes outreach efforts, and generates leads with eye-catching emails and customizable templates. It easily integrates with contacts within QuickBooks Online Accountant, making it an easy asset to start using. You can also monitor the performance of your messaging through analytics, delivering insight into how you should change communication tactics.

A personal website is another important tool to leverage on the path to growing your firm, providing additional space to showcase your breadth of work and give prospective clients a more comprehensive look at you as a ProAdvisor and a person. Using a professional website builder such as Squarespace is the most efficient way to bring this idea to life. All ProAdvisors receive a Squarespace discount and receive larger savings at higher tiers of the ProAdvisor Program. When building your website, remember to use data and proof points to support the quality of your work, because it helps show potential clients the impact you made for other small businesses.

One last major marketing resource that ProAdvisors would benefit from using is the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Merchandise Store. Gold tier ProAdvisors and above gain exclusive access to high-quality branded apparel and leave-behinds for clients. These assets demonstrate a ProAdvisor’s connection with QuickBooks, and can act as a conversation starter for small businesses who may not be familiar with accounting software. Merchandise can also provide credibility and memorable impressions with prospects.

With a full perspective of the ProAdvisor marketing tools, you can make an informed decision about which ones fit your current goals and situation. Just make sure to have a plan with a timeline for your firm’s growth and know that it’s simple to change your marketing strategy if the need arises. It’s not necessary to use every tool all the time, but they’ll be there when you need them. You can always network and collaborate with fellow ProAdvisors to share leads as well. Not every client is the right fit for any given ProAdvisor, so there could be chances to receive overflow or niche clients from your fellow Society members. Remember that opportunities find those who seek them.

Visit the Intuit Marketing Hub to build your marketing plan and explore a library of resources that can help grow your business faster than ever. Then, claim your listing on the Find-a-ProAdvisor directory and optimize your profile to catch the eye of your future clients.