Top 2 Tips for a Successful Job Search

Whether you’re looking for work right now or think you will some time in the future, here are 2 keys to a successful job search:  Focus and Perseverance.


Let’s begin with focus. When I say “focus,” I really mean “laser focus.” Looking for a job is the hardest job you’ll ever have. You must be disciplined in your search, working on it every day. There is no vacation here. You hit the ground running every morning at an early hour and don’t finish your “workday” until the late afternoon. Finding a job is your #1 priority during the day. You need to check your target company employment websites and other job websites on a consistent basis. You need to establish consistent routines, and you must network, network and network!!

You need to be able to tell others exactly what type of position you are looking for. Telling someone you are looking for a “job” doesn’t help them focus or give them the detail they need to help you. Focus also gives you clarity when you are searching online for the right position for you.

What can be helpful in maintaining your focus is to look up keywords on the internet related to your job search and choose the best keywords that best describe you (or your target job) and keywords that are common search engine words.

When you determine those 2 or 3 words that best describe your target job, these words will become your job “identity.” With the right keywords, recruiters and prospective employers have a much easier time finding YOU, especially when they search for you on the Internet.

Where can you go to find good keywords?

LinkedIn is a good place to start. Go to the “Job” section and enter your keywords in the search box. After several searches, LinkedIn “learns” what you are searching for and will offer you suggested related search word options. You can test those related keywords and compare those results with your initial keywords to determine the best keywords for your individual search so that you come to the top of the search list when recruiters and employers are looking for a particular fit. Don’t forget to also include keywords that are common in your industry.

The use of effective keywords will help you stay focused in your job search.


Looking for a job is often very frustrating. Recruiters don’t call you back, you find yourself competing with hundreds of others for the same job or you end up being the “number 2” person for the job interviewed – for the 5th time.

You can’t give up – ever!

If some of the activities you are doing aren’t working out or if you are at a personal impasse, try something different.

If you really want that job, figure out what went wrong and see if there are other options. Keep in touch with the hiring manager or recruiter. If they like you, there may be a different (or even better) position that will open up in the future. You never know unless you stop trying. Preserve, but don’t be a pest. There is a difference.

People who are successful maintain their focus and persevere in cases of adversity. To be successful in your job search, you should do the same.