Accountant Survives Moving to the Cloud

I am excited to share with you my journey to move my QuickBooks® file from the desktop to the cloud. I think it’s even fair to say that I thought I would NEVER do it! However, with the move to the cloud, I know I don’t want to get left behind. I also believe that there is no better way to experience such a move than to do it yourself.

My journey will begin Jan. 1, 2013 … well, more likely on Jan. 2, but just the same, my firm will make the move to QuickBooks Online.

There were a couple of important factors that helped me make this move. First, the move to the cloud is here and now, and although I am a HUGE fan of hosting solutions, I believe that there is going to be a significant move to online accounting than ever before. Again, this is already happening and I don’t want to be left behind.

So, with that said, there are several features in the online version I really like. For example, I like the idea of the easy integration of third-party applications. In addition, the downloaded transactions functionality, where the transactions will download in the evening without touching a button is, well – there is one word for it – WOW! For companies that have significant credit card transactions and multiple credit cards, this feature is huge. Talk about zero data entry!

Making the transition from desktop to online isn’t just about cloud functionality. After all, as most accountants know, it takes more than one deliverable benefit to agree making any kind of change in the way you’re running your firm.

Moving to the cloud is also about proximity and 24/7 availability. The more I can do on my phone, the better, and not just because my phone happens to be MUCH lighter than any other piece of hardware. As a matter of fact, I have multiple battery packs so that I am sure to ALWAYS have power.

So how about this one: when Super storm Sandy came to town, I had every single piece of technology charged up, my storm-preparation-process while my husband was in charge of flying objects in the yard, filling the bathtub with water and stocking up on food.

So who inspired me to make the desktop-to-online move? Of course, how could I possibly write an article without mentioning Stacy Kildal? Not only is she my best friend, but she is one of the top QuickBooks Online experts in the country. I spent some time with her in her office one weekend and I decided I would “let her” show me some features in QuickBooks Online.

Now, of course, I have heard numerous keynote speeches discussing the movement, and once I took recommendations from VERY credible sources such as Jill Ward, and combined it with a little patience and an open mind, the decision was easy.

Dawn Brolin was NOT going to get voted off the island and get left behind. I was going to be trained and geared up for one of the biggest and fastest movements in the industry, the movement to accounting in the cloud!

In the next few months – as I continue the transition – I will provide more information in several articles, so stay tuned!