Accountants and bookkeepers: What is your biggest need right now?

Accountants and bookkeepers: What is your biggest need right now?

With many of us working from home, striving to keep our staff and businesses intact, and juggling a new set of work/life balance challenges, many questions have come up. We’ve asked some of our expert accountants and bookkeepers, “What is your biggest need right now?”

Here is what they had to say.

Lynda Artesani Artesani Bookkeeping

“A day off. I am working 10-hour+ days, seven days a week. My 2020 goal was to take one weekend day off. It has not happened. I have not given up on that dream!”

Katherine Bunschoten, ASBC Certum Solutions

“I could always use more time, but since that is in finite supply, I need more deep thinking time, which I am working on carving out. So much of our time is spent on fires, so deep thought time tends to fall by the wayside without conscious protection, especially in this age of remote work.”

Seth David Nerd Enterprises, Inc.

“My biggest need right now is to expand my reach well beyond the audience that already knows me, specifically focusing on mature accounting practices who are ready to make an investment into their transformation from compliance to advisory, so I can show them the way.”

Brandy Derrick Legal Ease Bookkeeping, LLC

“Figuring out a way for me to stop being the bottleneck in my business.”

Cathy Iconis, CPA QBOchat

“Accountants and bookkeepers have so much coming at them right now. To make life easier, they need to step back and strategically put repeatable systems in place for their practice. And, you need to have a clear focus on what you should and shouldn’t be spending your time on right now. Schedule time for yourself – don’t miss out on summer!”

Cassidy Jakovickas, CPA MBS Accountancy Corporation

“Our biggest need right now is pre-written, fully-developed content to deliver to clients through social media, email campaigns, and our website. It’s tough enough keeping up with, and adapting to, all of the COVID-related changes, but then digesting that information in a timely way that clients can understand has been very challenging.”

Stacy KildalKildal Services

“As a bookkeeper, I would say that my biggest need right now is clarity on the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) forgiveness request process, and … more wine.”

Chris Macksey Prix Fixe Accounting

“A cloning machine, and a method of intravenously injecting coffee.”

Bhairavi A. Parikh, CPA – Analytix Business Solutions, LLC

“Our biggest needs at this time are to expedite clients and make our financial recovery, and, in return, contribute to the economy. Whether it’s by providing guidance under relief programs to acquire federal funding or tax assistance by filing extensions, our biggest need is to step up the advisory role and help as many small businesses as possible.”

Alicia Pollock, MAT, ACN, MOS Royalwise Solutions, Inc.

“My biggest need is a filter for the expenses and progress invoices report, so that it only shows open estimates and invoices, instead of every estimate ever created.”

Susan PruskinSusan Pruskin Consulting

“Right now, my biggest need is normalcy. Just the joy of an easily-reconciled bank statement is a cause for celebration.”

Richard Roppa-RobertsQuasar Cowboy Consulting

“I’ve talked to about 40 bookkeepers and accountants about this very topic, and they are pretty much all in unison, saying time management is what they need right now. Prioritizing their days with all the randomness of PPP is a huge strain of mental resources.”

Megan Genest TarnowThe Mobius Group, Inc.

“I could really use one of those Time-Turners Hermione has in the Harry Potter films. But, FINAL guidance on PPP forgiveness would also help a lot.”

Andrew Wall, CPA, CMA cpa4IT

“I know that you wanted a focus on business; however, it’s hard not to acknowledge our current situation. Right now, I think the things I need most are serenity, courage, and wisdom.”

Sandra Wiley Boomer Consulting, Inc.

“Surrounding myself with people who have a growth mindset – positive, forward-thinking, and looking for the great opportunities that are right in front of us.”