How to Overcome Your Fears and Protect Your Data Digitally

How to Overcome Your Fears and Protect Your Data Digitally

Many people fear that they cannot protect the data stored on their computers or servers because they are not computer savvy. Switching over to digital data may be intimidating, but once you evaluate the pros versus the cons, you will realize that digital data will simplify, organize and help manage your office in a more efficient way. Although paper has been the norm for many decades, there are still threats to storing paper:

  • The office can get broken into
  • Paper needs to be shredded
  • Files get disorganized and can get lost
  • Files are only accessible from one location
  • Disasters can occur, such as a fire, flood or theft
  • Over time, paper gets illegible – have you ever tried to read some of those OLD faxes on thermal paper?

With digital data, everything can be backed up and stored in multiple locations to ensure your information is never lost. It can also be protected with anti-virus software and firewalls that ensure its safety from people trying to hack into your files. You can control administrative rights and privileges of users who are accessing the data to further protect your data internally. Rather than having a filing system that takes up time, paper and space, you can simplify your office by having your data stored on a computer that can easily be accessible from your office or home.

It is important to have assistance from a professional to set up your computers or server in a way that will ensure the safety of your data. Once this is complete, you can be confident that you are using a reliable method of data security.

LESSSON: Back up, back up, back up!!!!