Why You Should Develop a 10-Second Elevator Pitch

Why is a 10-second elevator speech so important for your job search?

A 10-second elevator speech does two things: it keeps you focused on what type of position you are looking for and it helps others focus their search for you.

Focus is a key part of a successful job search. There are thousands of “jobs” out there, but not as many jobs that fit your profile or companies for whom you want to work. If the job lead you receive from someone or the job search on an aggregation site doesn’t match your 10-second elevator pitch, move on. It is not for you.

Networking is very important. You never know when you are in an environment where someone will come up to you and ask, “What do you do for a living?” You need to quickly seize that moment by telling them that you are currently in a job transition but you are a (fill in the blank) professional looking for a position (fill in the blank). The encounter with the interested person may be brief, but you have laid the foundation for another networking contact to help you.

In 10 seconds or less, you need to be able to describe to someone not in your industry what type of position you are looking for. It should be clear, concise and focused, and contain 3-4 key words that the listener will remember. An example of a pitch would be “I am looking for a manager-level position in an accounting firm in the (fill in the blank) area.”

If only they remember manager and accounting, that will at least give the listener an idea of what you are looking for so that when they come across a potential lead, it will be a relatively qualified one. In the example above, you don’t want to get leads in the convenience store industry or for positions a city you don’t want. You want as many qualified leads as possible.