How Moving to Cloud Helped My Firm Get Organized

How Moving to Cloud Helped My Firm Get Organized

I have always had some radical feelings about how files were filed and stored. One of the biggest things to bug me was “where the heck is the file?” It was never where I expected it to be. When I thought the preparer had it, administration did. When I thought admin had it, it was dwelling in the tax office. When I yelled at my personal assistant to “FIND IT,” I was often reminded it was already on my desk beneath other stacks of ignored documents.

So I thought, wow, what if I changed the office configuration? Why don’t I use each office for a file, and have the staff go from office to office. That way, the file would always be where we expected it to be. Perfect!! And when information came in, it would be placed it that office instead of being lost under some random papers on my desk.

Greg BuckSo I introduced that concept to my staff. Whoa, what a response! “We can’t do that. I NEED my own desk!!” “Where will I put my candy?” “I DON”T want to sit at the same desk as Bob, he smells.” I was attacked by the gremlins. It turns out to my chagrin, people don’t like to move around.

I went around, defeated, and searching for a savior from the paper forest camped on my desk. Then along came Diane to tell me that there was such a beast. But alas, it was no physical space. It came in the form of a room provided by a technological tube … the “VIRTUAL” file room. She simply put the file on our server, invited everyone in our office to “visit” the room electronically through our server, and WHAM!!!. Without even leaving our desks we could go to the room where the file exists. We can access the file, add to the file, add more records to the room,  keep tabs on what has been done, emails sent, and read inter office memos about the file. SHAZAM! EUREKA! And all without the need to lose any paper!

So now we have staff in a myriad of locations (at home, at the office, in Mexico, in Utah, on the Islands) who can access our virtual file room at any time of the day or night, in any time zone,  for however long they want and they still have a desk to keep their candy!!


Lesson: Start to think outside the box.

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