The Most Helpful Social Media Sites for CPAs

According to the results of the 2011 SocialCPAs Social Media Survey, LinkedIn and Facebook are the two most popular social media used by accountants.

This seems strange given the overwhelming popularity of Facebook, which reports it had 845 million users as of December 2011. This is more than five times as many users as the 150 million reported by LinkedIn. However, our survey results appear to prove that LinkedIn has clearly established itself as the leading social network among business professionals.

The SocialCPAs Social Media Survey recently released the 2011 results. Our goal with the survey was to determine if accounting professionals are adopting or avoiding social media. We were thrilled at the level of participation and the willingness of the participants to share their thoughts about social media.

We had more than 650 people participate in the survey from around the globe. Seventy-seven percent of the participants told us that they worked for a CPA, Canadian or accounting firm. We had great representation from all four generations currently in the workplace, with the majority of participants coming from the Baby Boomer generation.

The survey results can be found here.

In this post, we’ll look at two of the findings included in our report.  First, we asked the participants to identify the social media sites that they actively use.

This chart shows that every social media site listed had an increase in the number of users when compared with the results of our 2010 survey. This indicates that more accounting professionals are using social media sites. It is great to see an increase in the number of people using WordPress and Blogger. Hopefully, this means that more accounting professionals are using blogs to promote their brand and establish themselves as thought leaders.

We asked people to tell us what their plans are for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube during the next year.

It’s exciting to see that the majority of participants plan to use LinkedIn more often. However, it does not appear that there will be any big changes in the way that participants will be using Facebook over the next year. Over 50% of the participants indicated that they plan to use it about the same as they do now. This could point to the fact that people are comfortable with Facebook and have established a daily routine for posting updates and keeping up with their friends.

The participants were split over their planned use of Twitter. Almost half of the respondents have no interest in using it while just under 50% of participants fell into the top three categories.

Overall, we were encouraged by the results of the survey. People are very interested in using social media sites as part of their daily routine to connect with friends, colleagues, clients and prospects.