Tips and Strategies For Choosing the Right Content for Your Blog

Tips and Strategies For Choosing the Right Content for Your Blog

By now, accountants know that the more they participate in social media, the more likely they are to help their practice’s recruitment and retention: finding prospects, converting prospects to clients and retaining the clients the practice already has. Case in point: Intuit® has designed Firm of the Future to serve as a blog site so that it helps recruit and retain its own customers.

Do you blog? Blogging is an excellent way to establish yourself as a subject matter expert while capturing your audience’s attention. The problem, however, for many bloggers and those who don’t know how to begin is coming up with really good content.

Ragan Communications recently ran an article by Mark Schaefer, “4 Places to Find Blogging Inspiration.” Mark is author of “Return On Influence” and blogs at grow. Here are his main points:

1. Look to your peer groups. There are so many great places on the Web to find questions. My favorite place is a LinkedIn forum. Did you know there are 800,000 groups on LinkedIn? There is bound to be one that fits your interests. Look in the community forums for an interesting question and answer it. Voila! You have a blog post. Other possible sources are Quora, Focus and Yahoo chat groups.

2. Look in your comments. I would say 25 percent of my posts come from my readers’ comments. If something is relevant to them, it will probably be relevant to other readers too, right? Ironically, a comment about writer’s block from my friend Jon Buscall inspired this post.

3. Look in your keywords. Many people post questions as their search terms. Go to Google Analytics and see which questions people use to find your blog. Recently, someone used “How do I start blogging?” to find my blog. I thought it was probably time to write about some blogging basics.

4. Use Google. If you are really stuck, go to Google and type “What do I write about?” You’ll be amazed at what you find. There are a lot of ideas and prompts out there.

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