How to Create a Workspace With Collaborative Software

How to Create a Workspace With Collaborative Software

Not too long ago, it was difficult for us to communicate online. As technically advanced as we are today, it’s hard to believe that having an online meeting in real time wasn’t possible without a delay in transmission and a fuzzy picture.

Now imagine collaborating with a team spread across the city, country or even world. Today, thanks to collaborative software, doing this is possible and extremely productive.

Collaborative software allows individuals and organizations to create a workspace where everything can be seen or accessed, no matter where you are. Any changes made to the data or files are automatically updated to each user’s platform, creating a brilliant exchange of ideas and information.

No longer do small- and mid-sized organizations have to sit on the sidelines and settle for second-rate talent. The potential is limitless, and the petty roadblocks of information and understanding are a thing of the past. This team-building phenomenon brings together customers, partners and vendors, from New York City to Tijuana. Now, all parties can engage in a way where everyone has everything at their fingertips, allowing individuals to impart their knowledge and better products, solutions and reach new success.

Now that you know just how effective collaboration software can be, here are several options that will conveniently drive your business.


No longer do you have to spend tedious time buying sticky notes or trying to remember important things for the future. With an iPhone, iPad or Android, Lino, through multiple canvasses, allows you to create sticky notes of various font colors and paper colors, and even allows you to set up a due date on your notes. Tags can be created by category and serve as location reminders in order to help you find and organize your notes.

Another next-level feature is that you can go way beyond the writing phase by posting images and YouTube videos on your Lino. In addition, you can upload any file. The multiple canvasses will allow you to separate even more information. For example, if you want one canvass, or wall, if you will, to represent work and another to represent your personal life, you can easily organize these two layers, as well as move things around to between canvasses, through your settings.


Building on the whiteboard and sticky notes concept, StickyBoard allows you to store all notes on your computer so nothing is lost. Being able to conveniently carry them around and refer to them at your fingertips, this software allows you to stay on top of your assignments in an organized and timely fashion. With an instant search option and the ability to label your notes, the cluttered distractions of the past are replaced by a simple collaboration of your work.


This powerful software takes meetings and companies to the next level. No longer do you have to fight the traffic or catch a flight to make an important meeting. Now, using your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android, you and your business can conduct a meeting with up to 25 people, from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere.

The benefits of video and audio conferencing from anywhere are not only convenient, but will also increase productivity and results. Being able to spread the same information across the same platform, you can securely share information and ideas in a way like never before.

Not only is this software effective but also efficient, eliminating labor-intensive work. Avoiding costly on-site visits, you can train your employees through GoToMeeting, as well as provide online support by answering your clients or customers’ problems.


No longer are you cluttered with tasks, appointments or emails, and leaving work with headaches. Now, you can reap the benefits of Outlook, Google Calendar & Docs and a task manager, all in one place with Dooster.

This simple, yet powerful software is changing the way businesses operate. Whether you are a small one-man band, a mid-sized company or a large corporation, Dooster is the tool that will provide convenience, accelerate business and boost productivity within your team.


There’s a reason more than seven million people from around the world are using Zoho. This invaluable software provides more than 25 award-winning online business, productivity and collaboration applications, eliminating the costly overhead of second-rate or outdated hardware and software.

This luxury allows you to focus on your work, while the applications drive your business to unforeseen success, at the office or on the go. With offices in the United States, India, Japan and China, Zoho is a global success for companies and corporations.


No longer do you have to worry about communication breakdowns or an iceberg standing between shared information and ideas. Teambox allows you and your company to share tasks, conversations and files, all in the same place.

Accessible from your iPad, iPhone and Google Chrome, this app brings together Dropbox, Box and Google Drive to create an easy and manageable exchange of information. Setting due dates for others to see, taking notes internally or exporting them to clients are now just a few clicks away. With less email, shorter meetings and a 70% increase in productivity, Teambox is an app that will skyrocket your business.

Now that you know about the benefits of collaboration software, as well as some of the best kinds, you can take the necessary steps to improve your productivity. With a little time and effort, your business will be able to take advantage of technology and keep pace with your co-workers and competitors.

Editor’s Note: There are many, many other collaboration programs available; this is just a short list. What are some of your favorite programs? Skype? WebEx? Tell us what you think by putting in a Comment below.