5 Simple iPad Tips to Save Accountants Time

5 Simple iPad Tips to Save Accountants Time

Here are 5 tips that will add to your iPad smarts and productivity.

Print Screen on an iPad: Holding down the Home button and pressing the Power button will create an image of an iPad’s or iPhone’s screen (which is displayed in your camera roll), and then you can paste that image into a multitude of applications, such as Word, Excel, Evernote and other apps.

Close Apps on an iPad: Double-tap the Home button, then press and hold one app until they all start shaking on the screen. Next, press the red circle icon in the upper-left corner of the app’s icon to close the app. Tap the Home button when you have closed all unwanted apps.

Disable Your iPad’s Screen Rotation: From the iPad’s main screen, select SettingsGeneral, and set the Use Side Switch tosetting to Lock Rotation (in either portrait or landscape mode). Thereafter, your iPad will no longer auto-rotate as you tilt it from side to side.

Secure Your iPad: From the iPad’s main screen, select SettingsGeneralRestrictionsEnable Restrictions. When prompted, enter a four-digit Restrictions Passcode in the Set Passcode screen, then slide the Installing Apps and In-App Purchases On/Off selector buttons to Off to prevent others from performing these functions.

Custom Shortcuts: The iPad does not provide an option for memorizing field content, but you can create a customized shortcut, which is almost as good. To do this, from the iPad’s main screen, selectSettingsGeneral, Keyboard, and under Shortcuts tap Add New Shortcut…, then enter a phrase (such as carlton@asaresearch.com) and a shortcut name (such as jcc). Thereafter, entering the shortcut phrase into any iPad field will return the full text for that shortcut.

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the May Journal of Accountancy.