Add Additional Products/Services to Your ProAdvisor Membership

I think the QuickBooks ProAdvisor® Program is great for accounting professionals and provides a lot of benefits for us. However, sometimes we may overlook or forget about some benefits that can help us or our clients improve our productivity and profitability.

I wanted to share some benefits that can help you support more of your clients’ work.

Payroll – For clients who prefer to handle payroll themselves, I recommend Intuit® QuickBooks® Payroll Enhanced. You can assist clients with set up, training and ongoing support. Your help, combined with Payroll Enhanced, can provide clients with the confidence to process payroll correctly. Plus, since it is integrated with QuickBooks, it’s easy to get reports that are especially beneficial for clients with job costing or tracking Workers’ Compensation.

Alternatively, some ProAdvisors may want to provide payroll services for clients. Payroll services can provide a steady revenue stream throughout the year and keeps you in contact with clients. ProAdvisors can get Payroll Enhanced for Accountants (which allows you to support up to 50 clients with live or after-the-fact payroll) at a discount. This is a cost effective way to grow your accounting or bookkeeping business.

Another option for providing payroll services is Intuit Online Payroll for Accounting Professionals. As a web-based service, you can process payroll anywhere, anytime – making it easier than ever to provide payroll services. Intuit Online Payroll fully integrates with QuickBooks and supports job costing. Accountants have a dashboard to help you efficiently manage your payroll clients. You can use the Mobile app to run payroll wherever you are whenever it is convenient for you. ProAdvisors can get one year free for you or a client and flat pricing (starting at less than $20 per month per client) that decrease as you have more payroll clients.

Finally, if you want to outsource payroll, Intuit Full Service Payroll is an option. Just enter the hours online and Intuit will take care of the rest. It is integrated with QuickBooks so there is no manual data entry required. ProAdvisors can get one year free for you or a client.

Payments – Many small businesses now accept credit card payments. It is convenient for customers and helps you get paid faster too. Using Intuit Merchant Service for QuickBooks will help you or your clients save time and money by processing credit card payments directly in QuickBooks. You can eliminate the need to re-enter the data into which saves time and possible data-entry errors.

Plus, with an Intuit Merchant Service account, you can use Intuit GoPayment at no additional cost. GoPayment allows you to process payments remotely from a mobile device using the merchant service account. This can help you or your clients get paid faster. Clients could have multiple people in the field using GoPayment to accept payments all on the same merchant service account.

Tax Preparation – If you provide tax preparation services, you can improve your productivity by using Intuit Tax Online (ITO). ITO is web-based so you can work whenever and wherever it is convenient for you making tax preparation easier than ever. You won’t have any surprises because ITO offers all inclusive pricing with no startup costs, no license costs and no added e-File charges. All states are included with unlimited users and over 5,400 tax forms. In addition, the mobile app allows you to view and send clients’ information via secure email or view the e-File status on the go. Members of the ProAdvisor Program get up to 5 individual returns free.

Look through your client list and identify which clients you can help with payroll, payments and taxes.