Advising your clients as their businesses expand

Advising your clients as their businesses expand

When I am asked by my colleagues and clients what software systems solution is best for a fast-growing business with complex customization and intricate activities, I have three questions:

  1. Would you or your clients benefit from having an accurate end-to-end view of their business?
  2. Do you or your clients need a more sophisticated solution that can help stay on top of growing operations?
  3. If you or your clients also run projects, could they benefit by having a detailed view into project profitability at any moment in time?

If the answer to those questions is “yes,” then the answer is always the same: QuickBooks® Desktop Enterprise is your best choice.

QuickBooks Enterprise offers an integrated suite of software tools for your clients who have more complex product/project-based businesses, helping them save time, reduce errors, and get more done. QuickBooks Enterprise is designed to grow with the business, and the newest release is called Diamond, offering the most automation, integration, and customization. Enterprise may be the answer to your questions on what will help meet the needs of you or your client’s growing business.

During this Ask the Expert, I answered various viewer questions about QuickBooks Enterprise, including the Diamond tier. So, let us dive deep into these questions on how QuickBooks Enterprise and Enterprise Diamond may be the solution to you or your clients’ growing business needs.

Q: I’ve heard QuickBooks Enterprise described as “the most powerful QuickBooks ever.” What makes it so powerful?

Vanessa: QuickBooks Enterprise expands with your business with many features, including inventory; job costing; unlimited list limits with, for example, the chart of accounts; customizable user permissions; multi-entity location management; and apps that integrate with the software, such as field service management.

Q: What kinds of businesses would benefit from using QuickBooks Enterprise?

Vanessa: Manufacturing, wholesale, retail, construction, landscape, and many others – basically, any product-based business. In addition, Enterprise comes with industry editions that have advanced reporting capabilities. If the data is in QuickBooks, you can report on it. With over 200 built-in, customizable reports, and the power to create your own with the Advanced Reporting module, Enterprise enables you to get a deep understanding of your business.

Q: My clients have more than 10 employees and are growing. How can QuickBooks Enterprise help them with their growth?

Vanessa: Enterprise can help with inventory management, systems integration, job costing, and user permissions. You can pick up to 40 seats and there are three tiers, so you can move up each tier when you need to. Unlike QuickBooks Online, you can select the seat size. You can also add on apps and software to expand the system as you need.

Q: How does inventory management work in QuickBooks Enterprise?

Vanessa: Mobile barcode scanning gives a business the ability to know exactly where items are located, down to the shelf/row/bin, and can also fulfill an order from multiple warehouses and manage the process from one dashboard.

Here are three client examples:

  1. Luxury automobile client: inventory management and custom fields.
  2. Jean manufacturing: tracking and visibility.
  3. Retail: expiration dates

Q: Many of my clients’ employees are now working remotely. How can QuickBooks Enterprise support remote working?

Vanessa: There are several ways. You can access QuickBooks Enterprise from anywhere – with hosting functionality. If you use TSheets by QuickBooks, you don’t even need to be in Enterprise to log in to see employees’ projects and track time. Some companies need more collaboration with employees at home. QBox, for example, offers collaboration with customers without entering into the server.

Q: I have a client that is a general contractor, juggling 50 projects at the same time. What are the reporting capabilities in QuickBooks Enterprise that help them better understand their profit margin?

Vanessa: Far and away, using job costing with reporting offers a lot of information to make more informed decisions.

Q: What is your favorite feature in QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond?

Vanessa: The recent integration with Salesforce is very strong and is a great time saver. With the integration, you can automatically generate an invoice, estimate, or sales order in QuickBooks when a lead is closed in Salesforce, and the invoice payment is posted back in Salesforce. You can also reduce duplicate data entry with the two-way sync – and you can decide what information is synced. You also have a dedicated account team to get you up and running.

Q: How much does QuickBooks Enterprise cost?

Vanessa: The cost varies based on the functionality your clients need, as well as type of payroll, number of users you need to assign access to, and how many employees are tracking time.

Editor’s note: Learn more about how QuickBooks Enterprise can help your clients’ growing businesses.