Allan Madan: Use Social Media to Grow Your Accounting Business

Allan Madan: Use Social Media to Grow Your Accounting Business

Allan Madan (Madan Chartered Accountant Professional Corporation) is a prime example of how an Accounting or Tax pro can use social media to grow his or her business.

In recent years, Madan, like many accountants, started to feel that investing in traditional print advertising like the Yellow Pages wasn’t worth the expense, so he pivoted. For the past three years, he has shared weekly tax tip videos for Canadians on his YouTube channel. His videos have driven high numbers of new customers to his business, and helped to position him as one of Canada’s tax and accounting experts. As a result, he has received national media exposure, which has snowballed into even more new business for the Mississauga, Ontario-based accountant.

“Videos on YouTube are able to tell a very good story about a particular topic in a way that is really easy to understand,” says Madan. “I’m not trying to sell anything on YouTube; the videos are completely informational. After watching a few videos, you become a trusted, reliable advisor in the eyes of the user.”

Madan started by shooting his videos with a basic webcam while he sat in front of his computer. Since then, his videos have evolved to include a high-tech video camera; pro lighting equipment; and hiring a full-time videographer, content writer and marketer to help him craft his videos.

Clients will mention they’ve heard of Madan through his YouTube videos, but social media has also helped him maintain relationships with clients and provide them with regular updates about his business. Who doesn’t love a funny Instagram picture of what’s going on in the office?

Here are some tips Madan offers for accountants looking to take a dive into social media waters:

  • Buy a basic camera and make sure you stick to posting videos once a week.
  • Gather ideas from questions you get from clients.
  • Be an expert in the subject area you’re discussing. For every minute of video shooting, he suggests one hour of prep work.
  • Take negative comments with a grain of salt and treat it as constructive criticism. One commenter said Madan waved his hands in the air “like he was high on coffee” and he took it as advice that he should be aware of his hand movements in his videos.
  • Use your analytics data to track how people are using your website/videos to see how you’re doing.

Meanwhile, Madan is now looking to branch out with a new YouTube channel, Super Savers Canada, which focuses on how to save money. He also offers free tools, reports, a blog and he’s looking into a free online personal tax assessment to help attract more customers.

“We’re trying to think outside the box on what tools to give Canadians to help their tax and accounting situations,” he says.