Amending T1 Returns and ProFile’s ReFile Feature

Amending T1 Returns and ProFile’s ReFile Feature

After filing a return, you may discover that an error or omission was made, which either increases or decreases the tax payable. You can request an adjustment to your tax return.

CRA prefers that you do not amend/change the return until the notice of assessment of the original return is received. Generally, you can only request a change to a return for a tax year ending in any of the 10 previous calendar years. For example, a request made in 2017 must relate to the 2007 tax year, or a later tax year, to be considered. To amend/change the returns, you have three options:

  • Option 1: The first option is to write to the Tax Centre where you filed your return, with an explanation and any additional materials, such as T4 slips, T5 slips and receipts. The CRA would prefer that you also include form T1-ADJ to organize the presentation of your adjustment request in a convenient fashion. All written requests for adjustment should be sent to your Tax Centre.
  • Option 2: The second option is to file the adjustment online through the “My Account” service offered by the CRA. If you have signed up for this service, it offers a convenient option to change your return for the current year and for the last 10 years.
  • Option 3: The third option is to file the amended return using the ReFile service through EFILE software. As at fiscal year 2017, you can use ReFILE to submit adjustments to 2016 and 2015 income tax and benefit returns if your clients initially filed their tax return online. You will receive immediate confirmation that your ReFILE submission was accepted or rejected. In the future, the CRA will expand the service to include more years.

Using Refile in ProFile

ProFile T1 is certified by the CRA for ReFILE. The ReFILE service lets you change the same lines that individual taxpayers can change in CRA My Account. The feature is added in the ProFile 2015 and 2016 products. If you filed a client’s T1 return through ProFile electronically, you can use ReFILE to make adjustments to their 2016 or 2015 tax return.

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