App Showdown Finalist Profile: AutoEntry

App Showdown Finalist Profile: AutoEntry

As any developer knows, it’s incredibly satisfying to build a solution from scratch and take it to market. Being part of the journey from the start gives you a much deeper understanding of a given product, allowing you to fine tune mechanics to more closely serve customer needs.

That’s been the experience of the team at AutoEntry, an intelligent, cloud-based solution that eliminates data entry so users never again have to type up bank statements, invoices or receipts.

AutoEntry automates the capture of data from scanned and photographed images of bank and credit card statements, invoices, receipts, expenses, bills, and more, automating data entry into QuickBooks®. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the data is extracted accurately, every time. AutoEntry also remembers how users categorize expenses so they won’t ever have to categorize them manually again.

“When we first started the design process, our objective was to develop the most intelligent, automated data entry solution of its kind,” says AutoEntry CTO Michael Daly.

More Productivity, Less Clutter

The app helps accountants, bookkeepers and small business owners become more productive, letting them focus on running their business rather than administrative chores.

Once it has captured and entered the data, the software creates a digital record of the image and attaches it to the transaction in QuickBooks. That eliminates the need to store paper copies, so users can declutter and go green. Customers simply scan, take a photo with the AutoEntry mobile app or send documents via email, and AutoEntry will do the rest.

For accounting pros, AutoEntry captures full line items, including the description, unit price and quantity for each line.

From the start, the team wanted to understand what had been lacking in existing products, and therefore, what users really needed from a solution like this one.

“Once we had that clarity, following in-house analysis and the organic growth of our existing OCR-based solutions, we went on to develop the software that would become AutoEntry,” Daly says.

Listening to Customers

Customer feedback is a top priority, as it provides incredibly valuable suggestions for improvements. Market research revealed demand for high functionality early on, so the team was conscious of making AutoEntry as functional as possible in the early stages of its development. That led to the launch of the mobile app, as well as incorporating invoice and receipt capture.

Artificial Intelligence is enabling developers to extract more insights from data and perform complex tasks at scale, Daly says, and despite the hype, it continues to be one of the most exciting fields of research.

“We look forward to seeing how Intuit® will continue to leverage these technologies in order to further enhance user experience and help connect small businesses to the right apps,” he says.

AutoEntry was a finalist in this year’s Small Business App Showdown at QuickBooks Connect, a contest that honors the very best new apps published on the QuickBooks App Store.

“It’s great to see the growth of Intuit’s customer and partner network, and the many new integrations that have been added to the marketplace,” he says. “With the expansion of this ecosystem, Intuit continues to be an invaluable resource for SMEs and accountants, and a trusted workspace for developers.”