App Showdown Finalist Profile: Clio

App Showdown Finalist Profile: Clio

As childhood friends, Clio co-founders Jack Newton and Rian Gauvreau had always wanted to build a business together that focused on providing access to life-improving tools. After having conversations with members of their local law society, they discovered the idea that would lead to Clio’s inception.

A decade ago, existing software was expensive and cumbersome, especially for the 80 percent of lawyers who ran solo or small firms. Newton and Gavreau imagined a world where all lawyers could manage their files easily and securely in the so-called “cloud” (unheard of in the legal industry), cut down on administrative overhead, and increase productivity.

After a year of intense development work, Clio launched in October 2008 with one central goal: transforming the practice of law, for good. Their ideal customer was the young partner ready to leave the corporate world to start a new firm, or the mid-size firm looking for a modern solution.

Clio is an effortless web-based practice management platform that allows lawyers to spend less time on administration and more time practicing law. From time tracking and case management to billing, Clio offers law firms everything they need to run a successful practice. Through strong partnerships, like the one with Intuit®, Clio enables firms to take care of all aspects of running a successful business.

"We never take for granted that lawyers are trained to be great counsel, and that being a stellar business person is most often secondary," Newton says.

Listening to Customers

Customer feedback is at the center of everything the Clio team does – actively engaging in conversations with clients to gather feedback and relentlessly striving to meet their current and future needs.

For the most recent release, the team spent more than 600 hours and 60-plus days visiting law firms, consulting with clients, conducting extensive user testing, and monitoring feedback from customer surveys and everyday customer interactions to ensure it would be centered around a deep understanding of the challenges law firms face today.

Clio was a finalist in this year’s Small Business App Showdown at QuickBooks® Connect.

"Without ecosystems like Intuit’s, customers do without, or are forced into subpar solutions," Newton says. "Intuit’s ecosystem is bringing together the best and most innovative solution, which benefits both ends of the spectrum."