App Showdown Finalist Profile – LOCATE Inventory: Inventory Management That Grows with You

App Showdown Finalist Profile – LOCATE Inventory: Inventory Management That Grows with You

The small but mighty team behind LOCATE Inventory – an innovative SaaS solution for managing inventory in the small business (SMB) market – likes to describe itself as a unique blend of industry veterans and young, “tech-brilliant” developers and innovators.

The nine-person startup includes three siblings (two of them twin brothers), two married couples (the twins and their spouses) and a serial entrepreneur CEO – George Keliher – with three decades of experience. The diverse combination of talented men and women has enabled the San Jose-based company to create a distinctive product for the SMB market, while providing customer-focused support from a solution-driven team.

LOCATE “breaks the cycle of buying, implementing and outgrowing inventory management software,” the team says, redefining the trajectory of business growth for inventory-based companies.

The team observed that SMB companies were outgrowing their inventory management platforms, but didn’t want to sacrifice the familiarity and accessibility of QuickBooks® accounting for a costly and complex ERP system. LOCATE was designed to bring enterprise-level inventory management into the SMB market. Customers span a range of industries – from agriculture equipment to specialty foods, fitness products and more.

Among user-favorite features, according to the team:

  • Customer service: “Our company values revolve around providing excellent support for our customers, and we refuse to settle for anything less.”
  • eCommerce integrations: Many LOCATE customers utilize eCommerce platforms. LOCATE’s integrations help manage multiple sales channels efficiently and accurately.
  • Streamlined accounting: The app’s continuously summarized transactions and internal inventory ledger are “game-changers for accountants.” The features eliminate transmission of unnecessary data to QuickBooks, while retaining comprehensive audit trails, keeping the QuickBooks file “lean and clean.”

A History With Roots Serving SMB Inventory Needs

Before building LOCATE, the company served as an accounting and inventory management consulting firm, which gave the team a unique perspective into the daily struggles of growing SMB companies.

“We spent many years listening to our client’s pain points, taking note of their needs and watching the limitations of their existing software hold them back,” the team says. “We designed a platform that is accessible to smaller businesses, yet filled with the features and scalability they will need as they grow.”

Weekly internal huddles address requests and suggestions submitted by customers, and the team regularly surveys them for feedback about upcoming or existing features.

From basics, such as kitting, barcoding, tracking and standard warehouse operations, to more advanced options, such as outsource manufacturing, wave picking and dynamic workflows, LOCATE brings the power of an ERP system to the QuickBooks market.

The app was a finalist in this year’s Small Business App Showdown at QuickBooks Connect, a contest that honors the very best new apps published on the QuickBooks App Store.

“We are excited to be a part of a community of individuals, companies and groups who share a common goal of helping businesses grow,” the team says.