Attract Clients with a Great ProAdvisor Profile

Jessica Daley shares that having a great ProAdvisor profile builds trust and describes the importance of a great photo and authentic reviews.

We would start asking people, “Why would you choose us over other people?

- My name's Greg Daley

- And I'm Jessica Daley and we are the co-owners of Xcelerate Business Solutions, a cloud-based accounting firm here in Fort Collins.

- We love working with small businesses, but...

- We realized that we love working with the churches.

We ask clients, after they've been with us for three to six months to give us a review on the ProAdvisor website.

There were CPA's above me. There were who had been ProAdvisors longer.

Why did you choose us? And several times the client would say, "Because you looked professional."

It is so important to have a great picture on the ProAdvisor website because it builds such trust in the very beginning with potential clients.

- And part of building that trust is stories and testimonials.

- And we have required all the people on our team to become ProAdvisors as well and to get that certification.

It's a huge selling point and we are able to say, all of our team is certified.

It also allows for not only getting business from the entire team's ProAdvisors.

So now we 10 potential ProAdvisors that are getting business through those ProAdvisors' websites.

- All roads lead to Xcelerate.

- Yes