Attracting the Best Accounting & Bookkeeping Staff

Attracting the Best Accounting & Bookkeeping Staff

How do you make your office the best it can be? There is an adage that says, “You are only as good as your weakest link.” When it comes to staff, that means you need to hire the best staff possible.

One of the ways to provide the “best” staff is to offer an environment that is progressive and cutting edge. While staff isn’t the only link, it’s one of the most important. To provide that edge, you must position yourself at the forefront of technology. It’s something the new breed is looking for, and fits right into the paperless office.

I built my office on technology years ago. I can remember introducing early entries into the techno world. We were the first to use unique items such as VisiCalc, Bedford Accounting (shoot, I even wrote part of the manual and a textbook on this one) and the early version of Simply, its successor. I also used stalwarts such as Lotus 1-2-3, Word Perfect, SuperQuik (still a useful program) and AccPac for Dos (even before the “plus” version).

I was amazed in those days that bright students were willing to come to work with my small little firm. Then, it hit me. It was because I had the latest (and at the time, the “greatest”) tools. And where are those students today? They are my competitors, and very successful ones at that!

And, nothing has changed. We are still able to attract those forward-thinking, success-oriented future CPAs and CAs!

Lesson: Put your firm on the leading edge of the paperless office and “THEY WILL COME.”