Auto-fill My Return Now Available Through Hub

Auto-fill My Return Now Available Through Hub

ProFile® simplifies the tax preparation process by providing full functionality for Auto-fill My Return (AFMR). This secure Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) service allows individuals and authorized representatives to automatically fill in parts of a T1 return with information that the CRA has available at the time of filing the return.

Many authorized representatives are already accessing CRA’s online services to gather client information and AFMR is the next logical step. 

To use the AFMR service, you must:

  • Register and be an approved electronic filer.
  • Register in CRA’s Represent a Clientand have a RepID, GroupID or business number (BN).
  • Have a valid Form T1013 Form with Level 1 (or higher) for each client.

CRA provides a wealth of tax information through AFMR. This includes essentials such as information slips and other tax-related information, including RRSP contribution limits, and capital gains and losses. AFMR also contains a great deal of other client date enquiry data, including Home Buyers’ Plan, outstanding GST/HST returns, Canada Pension Plan payments and unfiled returns.

Before you file a tax return with the CRA using the information delivered by Auto-fill My Return, you must make sure that all the proper fields on the return are filled in and that the information provided is true and accurate.

If you notice a mistake on an information slip, contact the employer, payer or administrator responsible for preparing that slip.

If you notice a mistake in the tax-related information, have an account-specific question about other tax-related information, or need additional information, call the individual income tax and trust enquiries line at 1-800-959-8281.

While there are other EFILE certified software products, ProFile is one of few that has full AFMR functionality. Click here to learn more.