Becoming a Trusted Advisor by Helping Clients Achieve Their Goals

Kim finds it far more fulfilling to provide more than just bookkeeping. She loves building personal relationships with her clients where she can get to know and understand more about not only their business, but also their personal goals. This relationship helps her provide better, more personalized value to her clients.

Not everybody loves accounting and bookkeeping. Pretty much no one loves account and bookkeeping, except myself, and my kindred spirits.

I am Kim Hornsby, founder and CEO of Singletrack Bookkeeping.

We provide automated cloud accounting for small businesses in resort towns and in the travel and adventure industry. And this includes "Wheels," the small local bike shop.

When you can engage on that personal level, you talk about the things that are a little next-level.

With Chris, I can talk about, "How do you see your business next year? What do you want to do? What location do you think is gonna work for you? What do you think about expanding the inventory line?"

And those things start to get into, what does the person want? What does Chris want? Does Chris want to live in Steamboat? Does Chris want to franchise a business? Does he want to stay as a small local bike shop?

If you've ever been to a bike shop during a busy summer day, it can get pretty crazy.

So, we've created a lot more efficiency for Wheels.

The way that we operate on the cloud, we log into the systems, we are able to access all the data that we need.

We don't have to bother him with phone calls and questions about what does this report mean, and what is happening here.

And a lot of that is having access to data, but a lot of that is also understanding the backstory and the history of this business that we've been working with for nearly 10 years.

To me, being a Firm of the Future is about becoming an advisor and really being able to participate on a journey with someone.

So, having that personal element allows you to go deeper, and for me, that's so much more fulfilling than just bookkeeping.