How the ProAdvisor Program Changed My Life

How the ProAdvisor Program Changed My Life

What do I like about the QuickBooks® ProAdvisor Program? That’s easy! It changed my life completely! I did a 180. I still can’t believe how  my life has changed so completely after joining the program.

I was wanting to work part time from home; at the time, my son needed me because of numerous health problems and we were always going off to see doctors. I needed something I could do at home and on my own hours. I had always been a bookkeeper and had worked with QuickBooks® and really liked the program. I am in awe everyday that I’m out there doing my job, visiting clients and helping them with their QuickBooks. Loving it!

My daughter referred a bookkeeping job to me. The job was to teach a company’s employees  how to use QuickBooks. So, I thought, “Why don’t I do this all the time?” Another person asked me to help with QuickBooks, then another. I read Michelle Long’s book, Successful QuickBooks Consulting and thought, “you know this is where it is all going.”

I live in an area where a lot of new business have started up, and for others, business has really picked up. I thought some of the new businesses will need help with their QuickBooks. I then wondered if I should join the ProAdvisor program. The initial cost held me back for a while, then I decided that it would be worth it because of the software I would get.

I entered a drawing for a free membership and I won!! That’s when I knew that this is what I was meant to do. I really wasn’t thinking so much about the Find-a-ProAdvisor (FaP) website; I was really just interested in the software. I started getting calls from people saying they got my contact information off the FaP website. What a boost to my marketing! This is when my business really started growing and growing. I was getting more and more calls, and more and more business. I went from working 6 hours a week to a 40- to 60-hour week. I needed help to keep up so I hired and employee. I’m at the point now where I may need to hire another employee.

Besides the software, the FaP site, references, support, use of the Intuit® logo, training, helpful tools and marketing ideas, and discount prices on software for myself and my clients all were , very helpful.

I started getting more requests to teach QuickBooks to my clients’ employees as well as individuals wanting to learn the program or learn more about the program. I created a textbook to teach from and started offering classes. I have had such great success that the local college asked me to teach the program for their students. All this due to my involvement with the ProAdvisor program!

I have brought my son onboard as an employee and he recently became certified in QuickBooks Online. This further demonstrates how much I value the ProAdvisor program. My son has seen the success of our business and is interested in learning more to make it even more successful. We have really turned  this business into a family affair: a family business.

I love my job! I think that is why I am excelling at it. People say that you should do something that you love and that you will excel and find success. That is so true and I have never been happier. I have met so many people needing my help. I never know when I go into a clients’ offices what I will encounter, making each day different and interesting.