Boost Online Leads With an Irresistible, High-Ranking Accounting Website

Boost Online Leads With an Irresistible, High-Ranking Accounting Website

Your website is a reflection of your business. If it’s out of date, visitors will assume your business is out of date. If it is impersonal, your prospects will think you have impersonal client/customer service. If it’s partially complete with pages that say, “Coming soon,” they will think you can’t finish a project.

So, what should your website be? Here are some tips and formulas for success:

What’s New and Hot?

If you want to attract startups and high-tech companies, then your site will need to look state-of-the-art. Do this by paying attention to three things: video, mobile and a design that’s in style.

Adding video to your site will definitely give you an edge, as few others have caught on to this advantage. Produce short webcam or smartphone video with good lighting and audio, and you won’t need to hire a professional videographer. Make the videos about your services and short tips on accounting, profits and the like.

Make sure your site is mobile friendly, as more searches are now done on a phone than on a desktop computer. The term for this is “responsive,” meaning that your site should be responsive in format, when displayed on tablets, cell phones, laptops and desktop computers. If you are not sure about your site, Google has a test you can run here.

My 5C Website Formula

Following my 5C web formula will help you get the highest return for your website investment. Here it is:

1. Caffeine Factor

When you only have a few seconds to anchor and attract your web visitor, make it count by using the caffeine factor, something to wake your visitor up. What’s the best thing about you and your business? Don’t bury it in the fifth paragraph of the fourth page – put it front and center on your home page.

2. Credibility Builders

Fill your site’s pages with credibility builders, which include your photo, a personalized and professionally written biography, certifications, awards, and client testimonials. Other credibility builders include logos of the associations you belong to, a client portal button and your privacy policy.

3. Calls to Action

It’s your site and your business, so guide your prospect to the action you want them to take. Calls to action include things such as your phone and email address, a contact form, an offer of a complimentary consultation, and an appointment-scheduling button.

While the first three Cs describe the content to include on your site, these last two share how to get traffic to your site.

4. Charm the Search Engines

Charming the search engines includes tasks that will allow your site to rank higher in search results. This is called SEO, or search engine optimization.

Tasks to charm the search engines can be somewhat technical. The most important one is to optimize your title tags, which are contained in the HTML code of your website. The title tag should first include your geography (city and state), then services and, lastly, your company name.

You can see the contents of your title tag by checking your web page code or by placing your mouse over the browser tab of your website’s home page and reading the label that comes up.

5. Crowd Control

While charming the search engines is what you can do to your site to improve your search rankings, crowd control is everything you can do outside your site to improve your search rankings. This includes employing marketing activities. Examples include social media and updating profiles, such as the Find-a-ProAdvisor profile and any organizations you may belong to (i.e. the Chamber of Commerce).

It can also be adding an offer of free content, such as a free report, a training video or an eBook, in exchange for a name and email address that you collect from a form. This is called content marketing, and represents one of the most inexpensive and most effective forms of marketing today.

Implementing these ideas will make your website irresistible, as well as boost your online leads.