Building a Firm of the Future: Does Social Media Matter?

Building a Firm of the Future: Does Social Media Matter?

At the start, social media marketing appeared to be reserved for businesses that were highly visual, such as retail and hospitality. However, as social media quickly became a valuable tool for branding, it was evident that all industries could leverage these platforms for their marketing efforts and make any niche just as engaging. 

Accounting firms quickly recognized how social media’s popularity and influence could be used to improve brand awareness and lead generation. Today, many accounting firms are already using various social media channels – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube – to grow their influence and attract more clients. In fact, there are many accountants already killing it on social media

Social media matters to the success of your accounting firm. Why? For the simple reason of remaining competitive and building that Firm of the Future. Here are a few ways social media helps build your firm into a Firm of the Future:

Manage Your Brand 

As an accountant, your credibility and reliability matters – it’s how you keep old clients and attract new ones. Social media is the ideal platform to prove yourself as an authority in your industry – it’s where you can establish your brand voice and manage your reputation by staying active and engaged. Rather than allowing others to define who you are, give yourself a voice by sharing content that resonates with your target audience. 

Be Known as an Industry Expert 

With the right content and enough dedication, you’re closer to positioning yourself as an expert in your field. Whether you curate content to share or create your own, your followers will ultimately turn to you for industry advice. This is why consistency is crucial when it comes to sharing content that your target audience can relate to. In short, it must be both informative and relevant. 

Get Found Online 

Social media is an excellent tool for lead generation. By optimizing your content, you improve your chances of getting found by prospects that are searching for your services. When you encourage engagement with your content, you improve your visibility. And, when you share content that your audience enjoys, your reach – and influence – only grows. 

Improve Client Relationships 

Social media helps you build trust and credibility for as long as you remain consistent on your channels. This doesn’t only apply to the content you publish, but also how quick you are to reply to inquiries. In today’s digital age, social media has become an essential platform for customer service. Keep your social media communication lines open to accept messages or comments left by potential and existing clients. Nurture client relationships by being available to them across all channels. 

Remember, as an accountant, you’re offering a service. And, because social media has become a platform for consumers and service providers to connect and discover each other, you would lose a massive opportunity to build brand awareness and reach more clients should you choose to ignore social. 

To bring your accounting firm into the future, it’s vital that you not get left behind. It’s time that your firm begins leveraging the power of social media.