Be a Warrior! Get Certified in TSheets and Show Your Clients Your Personal Best

Be a Warrior! Get Certified in TSheets and Show Your Clients Your Personal Best

At heart, every accountant is a warrior. You’ve mastered the art of account reconciliations and faced even the most time-intensive payroll cycles head on, but no warrior would ever go into battle without a weapon. That’s why the most skilled professionals are armed to the teeth with technology and adorned with badges of glory.

Do you have what it takes to get your prestigious TSheetsPRO certification? Go into battle against time-intensive processes — and win prizes! — by becoming a TSheets Warrior! Some 93 percent of business owners say accountants should be certified in the software they recommend. Indeed, getting certified can make an incredible difference in your client relationships.

Those month-end deadlines and the need to execute payroll using messy timesheets and past due documents are not necessary evils. Accounting professionals who get certified in TSheets help their clients save 6 percent on gross payroll costs and three hours on each payroll cycle, on average.* That’s why we’re calling all TSheets Warriors to rise against paper in payroll’s final duel. Enter the TSheets Warrior Challenge and become your client’s timesheets hero.

Why Accept the Challenge?

TSheets certification courses are unique to each accounting professional’s needs. Team members can choose the modules most important to their role at the firm. There are education tracks for administrators, sales reps, firm owners and partners. With this customized experience, each team member only needs to learn the skills they’ll use!

Becoming a Certified TSheetsPRO is a fast and simple way to add a new revenue stream to your business. Plus, you’ll be featured on the TSheetsPRO professional directory, allowing new clients to find you easily. 

Getting certified is free and fast, and it fits into your schedule. No matter what style of learner you are, we’ve got materials for you. Watch videos, listen to audio, or read along.

I’m Ready for the TSheets Warrior Challenge! What Does it Take?

To complete the TSheets Warrior Challenge, you to complete three levels of training in 14 days. The training takes an estimated 3.5 hours, and when you’re done, you can post your Warrior badge with pride using your affiliate link. Once you’ve completed the challenge, you will also receive a VIP TSheets Warrior gift and an invite to an exclusive QuickBooks® Connect event.**

TSheets is the No. 1 rated and requested mobile time tracking and employee scheduling solution among accounting firms. TSheets can help your firm be compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act, reduce time processing payroll, and save on gross payroll costs. TSheets reports give you invaluable insights into time spent on projects and how to better allocate staff to increase ROI. Tracking time with TSheets allows for accurate-to-the-second invoices for full and accurate billing of your resources and your staff’s time. Plus, TSheetsPROs enjoy VIP service, a lively network of amazing professionals, and the confidence to recommend tools to help their clients thrive.

Think you’ve got what it takes to join the ranks of elite TSheetsPROs? Sign up for the TSheets Warrior Challenge!

*Based on a survey of 924 businesses that use TSheets for payroll and report savings. On average, they report reducing gross payroll costs by 6%. An internal survey was conducted by TSheets in January 2018. 

**Your mailing address required to receive your gift. Tickets to QuickBooks Connect not included.