Cindy Moore and Her Journey With QuickBooks Online

Cindy Moore and Her Journey With QuickBooks Online

Our customers are one in a million – and now that Intuit has surpassed a major milestone, 1 million QuickBooks® Online subscribers – we’re highlighting customers who have been on the journey to the cloud with us. Whether they started in 2001 with the first version of QuickBooks Online (QBO) or recently started using the offering, here are the faces, stories and lives of our customers. Thanks for being #ThanksAMillion.

We spoke with Cindy Moore, owner of CMoore, LLC, about her insights on the changing accounting landscape and its effect on client relationships.

Q: Tell us more about CMoore, LLC.

Cindy: I had worked at various CPA firms, but decided to start my own accounting firm about 18 months ago. I realized more customers were looking to use cloud-based products, such as QBO, for their accounting needs. By starting my own firm, I was really able to cater to customers’ needs and use my consulting experience to be a strategic advisor to my clients.

Q: When did you start using QBO?

Cindy: We started using QBO around 2001 for select clients that needed simple accounting needs. Before then, we used QuickBooks Desktop for clients, which was great but required annual upgrades. Once the accountant dashboard was introduced to QBO, it was so much easier to view the opportunities available for our clients, which allowed us to expand our services and better serve them. Since then, we’ve integrated our clients into the QBO ecosystem with payroll, payments and more. The cloud allows us to help our clients no matter where they are, unchaining our firm, and them, from our desks.

Q: Are you certified in QBO?

Cindy: I was among the first to be Advanced Certified in QuickBooks Desktop, and received my initial certification in QBO in 2012. I am currently studying for my Advanced QBO Certification – there’s always something new to learn!

Q: How have you seen the accounting industry change over the last few years?

Cindy: The clients that want to move to the cloud are early technology adopters, many of whom have grown up accustomed to having 24/7 access to their data. Most of our seasoned clients are hesitant to switch to the cloud because they’re afraid of security risks. We still find that desktop solutions are better for some clients than others, and sometimes offer more intuitive features for clients that have specific needs beyond accounting.

Q: Do you use any QBO apps?

Cindy: We have a handful of apps that we like to recommend, depending on the client’s specific needs; that way, we can tailor a recommendation that works best for them. Most of our clients are open to integrating different applications into QBO and find that apps save them time by automating data integration.

We strive to learn about the different apps available on QBO because there are so many available for our clients and they expect us to provide recommendations. We found that speaking with different app partners at tradeshows and seeing demos at various events are a great way to learn about new apps. For example, we found that apps, such as Vend,, Method CRM, AMEX ReceiptMatch and Neat Receipts, work well for our clients. We are also working on our TSheets certification.

Q: What do you foresee as the next big thing that will impact your clients?

Cindy: We don’t have any clients that could effectively use key performance indicators (KPIs) right now, but I think the new wave of KPIs will be more widely adopted as businesses continue to grow. We also see clients looking for more payments and invoicing stand-alone systems that are affordable and accessible.